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BT Mini Connectors stuck in sync mode

I have 3 BT MINICOMNECTORS. About 3 days ago they stopped working. MC1 is connected by an Ethernet cable to my BT SmartHub in room 1. MC2 is connected to my BT YOUVIEW box and my Sony Android TV in room 2. MC3 is connected to my PC and Printer in room 3.

This set up used to work.

Now if I turn off the power then turn it back on again, each of the MCs has a solid blue power, Ethernet and data lights for about 10 minutes. Then the data light goes out and the power light begins to flash. The user guide says to wait a few minutes. I’ve waited and the power light continues to flash. Occasionally, the data light on MC1 will flash red or orange but this is intermittent and is not matched in the other MCs.

I’ve tried turning them all off and on again; tried resetting them (holding Add for 15s - no lights flash, nothing happens); tried adding them back into the system; tried different sockets.

The router is working fine. WiFi works and if I connect a device directly to it with an Ethernet cable, it works. So it’s not the router.

What is wrong and how do I fix it?
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Re: BT Mini Connectors stuck in sync mode

Hi, did you manage to resolve this? I have the same issue and even drop out after 5 minutes when in the same double socket. Have reset a few times but no change
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