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BT Mobile Contract Expiry (08.18) - Handset Upgrade


I've been attempting to find out from BT what they will be doing when my contract expires in August in terms of a handset upgrade.

Despite numerous attempts to get answers from both the on-line chat tool and calls to BT's mobile team, I either get passed to 5 or 6 different departments or I get promised a call back from the Retention team but nothing ever materialises.

I've been offered a great deal from Sky (with whom I have my TV account) on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with no up front cost and with 5GB of data (currently on 3GB with BT and don't really need amy more than that in all honesty!) at £38 per month which is just £2 more than I''m currently paying with BT.

I have 2 handsets with BT on the account (the other expires in November) and can't honestly say I've been disappointed in any way with the service I've received from BT and would just like BT to match that offer to avoid the hassle of having to switch providers.

I understand that there are still 3 months to go ont he BT contract but really want to get all ducks in a row for the date of expiry so I know where I'm at.

Benn Kempster

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Re: BT Mobile Contract Expiry (08.18) - Handset Upgrade

Hi @BennKempster

I think your best bet is to continue speaking to the mobile team.  As your contract still has a few months to go, I think it would be hard for them to discuss any type of upgrade as things change monthly at BT as they do at sky. 

In the past, handset offers haven’t been that great, you’ll be in a better position closer to the end of your contract. 

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Re: BT Mobile Contract Expiry (08.18) - Handset Upgrade

Finally managed to speak to the Retentions team.  I was offered the upgrade as I'm within 3 months of the contract expiry date but all I WAS offered was:

1 - option to take an interest free loan with Samsung for an S9 and then the sim deal with BT

2 - a Samsung A8 with an £80 upfront charge

Neither of which is any sort of an upgrade given that Sky have offered me an S8 with no upfront cost and 10gb of data at £2 more than what I'm paying for BT now.

Bye bye BT.

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Re: BT Mobile Contract Expiry (08.18) - Handset Upgrade


Hope you find the network works for you. Just to make you aware..

That in reports from April 2018, Sky/o2 has the lowest average 4G download speed of the major networks at 15.16bps compares to EE/BT at 29.02bps. (Source: Open Signal) or 14.11/7.13Mbps  compared to BT/EE  28.80/9.29Mbps (source: speedtest)

Also Sky use a traffic management system and may redirect your data or calls to lower grades example from 4G to 2/3G, and doesnt offer 4G calling (VoLTE) and only offers wifi calling on one Sony handsets...

But if you just want a better handset then it does seem a better deal!



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