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BT Mobile Phone Help

I'm not sure if anyone here can help or whether I'm even posting in the right place but I currently have a BT mobile phone. This was a business phone but the contract has now ended and I have a new contract with a different company. I was hoping, however, to continue using the same mobile phone and was wondering if it's possible to have BT phones unlocked and if so.. where from? Or.. can I ring either BT or my new company up?


I no longer need it as a business phone and wouldn't like to fork out on another decent phone when there is nothing wrong with this one.


Any help is appreciated.


The phone is a Nokia 6300 (I think!)


Many thanks.. Cassy

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Re: BT Mobile Phone Help

Hi Nvrb,


I think you can call your mobile phone operator (so BT mobile) and pay for the PUK code to enter into the handset and unlock it.  I think its about £30-£35 quid (got that from google so i wouldnt quote me on that Smiley Indifferent). you could also approachany of the market or high street companies that offer to unlock your phone, but again i would expect to pay around £20.


Or type unlock mobile into google and there are many sites which will give you the PUK code and instructions for free (or at a lower price).


Free site: 


Just need to go to the bottom first and swap it into english, or your preferred language. I should also point out I haven't tried this so i can't gurenetee it.

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