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BT Mobile - my family is too big....

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I currently have 5 Family SIMS which is the limit. We are a family of seven, and I now need another. I appreciate the Family SIM has a 5 SIM limit, but I'm trying to but a another non-family SIM for my son and it still won't let me - how can I buy another SIM or is that it for my family - no BT mobile for my other children?

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Re: BT Mobile - my family is too big....

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The one thing about BT's order management system is it is all baed on systems and scripts doing the work, have you tried to buy another sim but when going through the order process made sure it was a new order rather than adding an additonal sim? if this hasnt worked you may want to call the mobile team up and see what they can do manually- it will proberally get refered. 


I find calling the mobile team just after 8am the best time to call!

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