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BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

Last month (May 2016) I ordered two 'SIM-only' SIM cards for our two SIM-Free and unlocked Nokia 635 Windows 8.1 mobiles. I also forwarded the two PAC codes to BT to enable us keep our old/existing phone numbers.


Within two days we received the two SIMs, and next day we received our old phone numbers. No problems at all. I just want to let people on the forum know that not every customer has problematic dealings with BT Mobile.


The BT Mobile App (downloaded from Windows Store) is the bees-knees. Being able to see up-to-date usage information is very handy indeed. We are new to BT Mobile, but not to BT landline phone and broadband.

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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

not very often does anyone post about their good experience - nice change

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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

Good to hear a positive on the forum.
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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

I must add my experience to the above.  Although I have been with Vodafone since the days of Analogue they could not match a Sim Only deal from BT as I have already have Landline & Broadband and have form many years.


Last Monday I telephoned Vodafone and obtained my PAC Code which was given verbally and sent by text 5 mins later.  I ten telephoned BT and got an excellent Deal on a Sim Only 12mths contract.


The Sim arrived in the Post on Tuesday Morning and I activated, entered my PAC Code and request to port to my number.  I the got confirmation message on the screen that the number port would be completed next day. I also received e-mail & text confirmations.


I followed the instruction tto keep my old sim in the phone until service stopped which would indicate the process was starting.   


I was dropping my wife off at work at around 0855 and noticed on the car Bluetooth the message NO NETWORK so drove home which took me around 5mins  I then exchanged the Sims and when I started the phone up everything was working on my original number on the BT Mobile system.





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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

It's good to hear positive results though I suspect that the majority of switchers by far have no problems.


Customer forums are of great benefit to those with questions or problems but it should be remembered that most customers never have problems and again not all customers view the forums.


I too had no problem switching two ported numbers or adding a third sim simply using the online system.

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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

Absolutely echoes my experience of porting in from Three, bmcl26. Faultless.



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Re: BT Mobile new customers' good experience.

My experience is not so good. Having been with BT for about 9 months I find often the signal is weak. I have just spent a week in Oxfordhsire where often there was no signal. Yet with my iPad using an EE SIM I had one and BT I thought was using the EE network and talks of 98% coverage. It certainly is not that. My home town is Durham in the North East. The signal strength is mostly poor. At present it wavers from two dots or bars down to zero and won't pick up 3G or 4G. Conversely my iPad, on my desk alongside the iPhone, on EE gives me three bars although no 3G or 4G. I often can find the iPad will pick up 4g  with no problems on EE but not the iPhone. My wife's contract is with BT mobile. She finds the same.

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