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BT Mobile not ringing when called from BT landline.

I can't get BT CS to help me, they think I have a problem with my landline, it's so frustrating trying to speak to someone who doesn't actually understand English. Being fluent and understanding the language are 2 very different things. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to provide 'customer service' with non [native] English speakers was clearly mad. 

OK, rant done, now to the point. I have a BT mobile contract, everything is as it should be apart from the fact that I can't answer incoming calls. 


I had a lot of people telling me that I never answer my phone, the thing is, I never hear it ring. I decided to find out what the problem was by calling my mobile from my landline [also BT]. On the landline, it sounds like I'm connected and the mobile is ringing, the mobile phone actually stays silent until just before the voicmail kicks in, I get one very short ring then it goes to VM. Turn off VM? Tried that, the same thing happens but you hear the engaged tone instead of VM message. Increase ring time before VM cuts in? I've done that too and that did fix the problem of receiving calls from mobiles but not from a BT landline. Still my phone fails to ring at all when called from a landline. Does anyone here have any idea where I should go to get help on this?

TIA Neil 😄

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Re: BT Mobile not ringing when called from BT landline.

What phone do you have and what version of operating system? 


Have you turned your phone fully off and on again?


It isn't just simply that numbers that can't get through are withholding their number and your phone is set to reject unknown numbers? Try calling from your own phone with number withheld then allowed to try this. 


Are the callers that can't get through not in your address book? You can set your phone to auto reject calls from anyone who isn't a contact.


Do you have any apps installed which monitor and control incoming calls, eg Truecaller?


Once you've eliminated the obvious time to delve further.


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Re: BT Mobile not ringing when called from BT landline.

I thought my rant at the beggining might indicate that I have tried the obvious stuff. Man Wink My phone gets rebooted everyday, always has. My landline, which, as stated, I have called from is withheld. Another landline I've called from is a talktalk one, number not withheld, on both, the caller hears 2-3 rings then engaged tone or VM, whichever I have turned on. Call me from a mobile phone and it all works fine. It makes no difference who calls me whether I know them or not, call from a landline, I can't answer, call from a mobile, I can. It's all very frustrating, fortunatly, most people do call from a mobile these days, this is why I didn't realise I had the problem. This is the 3rd phone I've used with this sim too, same thing happens on all of them, yet BT continue to suggest that it's my fault.

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Re: BT Mobile not ringing when called from BT landline.

What you could do is phone bt tell them your problem and ask them to reset your service if still no luck ask them to send new sim card and also try your sim in a different phone
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