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BT Mobile - texts taking over an hour to send

Since switching to BT Mobile , text messages are taking over an hour to go. I'm having no trouble with calls or mobile internet. It is also not an issue with my location as I have had the same problem from a number of locations.


Please would you advise.  

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Re: BT Mobile - texts taking over an hour to send

Some of my family & friends had 'slow texts' and we tried every fix under the sun.


One of my mobile network techies put a very interesting spin on the isue, so here it is:-


Twas nothing to do with our phones or the recipients phones. 


It was something known as the "Warrington Switch" Smiley Surprised


That is to say there was a hold up/delay in the text [if I can put it this way] being relayed from sender to recipient via a bit of kit which was [is?] to be found in Warrington. 

The issue was random and went away as quickly as it came.


I'd keep a date/time log of when this is happening and then contact bt mobile [and or the provider of the recipient of your messages]. Theres lots of fun to be had in conducting experiments with texts and keeping a log; this may be nothing to do with your issue but I'm throwing it into the pot as I wish I had known of the existence of the "Warrington Switch" which resonates with "the Pendle witch" etc.


Good luck and let us know the outcome.

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Re: BT Mobile - texts taking over an hour to send

Thanks for trying to answer this but I dont think it has answered my problem. I'll have to get BT Mobile to look at it. 

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