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BT Mobile voicemail

Hi guys,


I've been with BT Mobile now for about a month or so and one of the first things I did after moving across was deactivate the voicemail service. I don't use it, I don't like it, my view is that we don't live in 1987 anymore. We don't need people to record us messages. We have mobiles, we see missed calls, we read texts, all of it is a lot easier than calling a number and following voice prompts.




All fine, service de-activated UNTIL I travel abroad. I'm currently in Greece. I'm not really using my UK number as I have a Greek one so it's sat in an iPhone, hooked up to my wifi and I have it purely to make sure I'm not missing voice calls or messages. 


Last night, I notice I have a missed call and a text message from 1571 to say that the person didn't leave a message. Strange, I dial three codes into my phone to check diverts, says all is deactivated.


I then decide to check it, call my mobile, it rings, I reject the call and surprise surprise "Welcome to BT Mobile". So I dial 15710 (it works from here) and hear the "you're request to deactivate voicemail is accepted". Call again, diverted to voicemail. Even turn the phone off and my call is diverted to Voicemail.


So... my question is, why has BT reactivated my voicemail diverts without me asking. I'm not overly concerned here in Greece as the EU laws stipulate you can't charge me for a call being diverted to voicemail anymore but I do travel further afield so this could affect me finacially in the future.


Can this be raised as a fault for someone to investigate? 

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