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BT: My Experience so far

BT Mobiles have to be the crappiest mobile services i have ever experienced. I went back to them last year against my better judgement. I have only had a contract for a few months (June 15) and so far they have managed to loose my number for a month, cut me off by 'accident' text me to tell me what was happening on the missing mobile number and offer me a months free service by way of compensation (£12) This weekend I have been without text messaging in and out - not a big deal until you don't have access to it -and when I contacted them I was told initially that this was 'outage' and to do with EE, perhaps it was but who knows then I have been informed today that it is due to essential maintenance. Someone is lying. That meas that I have been without service for 48 hours. A message on the customer services says they are aware of this - yes but are they doing anything about it? And i it was/is essential maintenance wouldn't some forewarning of this have been appropriate? If you're thinking of joining BT Mobile I would urge you to get other opinions first my experience of it had been diabolical. I cant wait to be out of contract with them. Taking to facebook and twitter to voice ones concern sometimes seems to be the only way to get action.

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Re: BT: My Experience so far

I agree with all you have said. I have been with BT only 2 weeks and I cant send text messages, BT is **bleep**,They are NOT fulfilling their contract so to me thats a breach of contract therefore we should be able to end the contract ASAP


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Re: BT: My Experience so far

A very amateur effort from such a mighty firm.
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Re: BT: My Experience so far

The text message outage was unacceptable in my opinion and the fact that they didn't inform us they have our email addresses why didn't they send an email with an apology a complaint will be going in from me
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