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BT Net Protect Plus and Windows 7

A few week ago I had a problem with the BT firewall. It was stating it was on when in fact it was off. Everytime you clicked on turn on nothing would happen. Tried the same with window firewall with the same results. Uninstalled McAffee and reinstalled twice, but no difference. Bit the bullet and called the help line and they did the same I had with the same results. They then said the best thing to do was to install another anti virus etc. Did a search for the fault number that window firewall was giving and found the following. It also stated that this is a known problem with McAfee products. I tried it and it worked, but didn't bother with re installing net protect plus and used another product which seems to have speeded thing up aswell. So if anyone has this same problem I hope this solution helps.


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Perform the following steps and install the automatic updates and then try enabling the firewall.

Run an online scan to check any viruses or any malicious software:

Run Security Centre as an Administrator ;

Perform the following steps and update the computer:

1.            Click Start, type Notepad in the Start Search box, and then click Notepad in the Programs list.

2.            Copy the following text, and then paste the text into Notepad:


sc config wuauserv start= auto

sc config bits start= auto

sc config DcomLaunch start= auto

net stop wuauserv

net start wuauserv

net stop bits

net start bits

net start DcomLaunch


Click File, click Save As, and then type Repair.bat.


3.            In the Save as type box, click All Files (*.*).

4.            In the Save in box, click Desktop, and then click Save.

5.            On the File menu, click Exit.

6.            Right -click the Repair.bat file that you saved in step 5, and then click Run as administrator. This action starts the required services. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

7.            Try to install the updates again. If you can install the updates, delete the Repair.bat file. To delete the Repair.bat file, right-click Repair.bat, click Delete, and then click Yes..


·         Try enabling the firewall after these steps.

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Re: BT Net Protect Plus and Windows 7



Thanks for the great post.  I am sure this will come in useful for other users experiencing the same problem.




Community ManagerSeanD
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