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BT Netprotect plus home network problem

I am having real problems with my home network when Netprotect plus is installed, which BT have been unable to resolve.

My network consists of two PCs running XP with service pack 3, a Netgear NAS drive, a laptop with Vista and a home hub 2.

All computers have file sharing set up correctly, no computer names are duplicated, all have the same network name set etc.  All devices show up on the network but I cannot read or open files on the different PCs and the laptop. The only device that I can open files on is the NAS drive - which clearly does not have NetProtect plus on; the NAS drive cannot however access my PCs for backing up purposes.

We have tried everything; permitted IPs are all set up correctly but even switching off the firewalls in NetProtect plus makes no difference, nor does removing and reinstalling NetProtect plus.  If I remove Netprotect plus from a particular PC then other devices on the network can access that PC perfectly normally - indicating that the problem lies with NetProtect plus.


The only solution would seem to be to move to another antivirus/netprotect programme.  But if anyone has any other ideas that would be much appreciated.


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Re: BT Netprotect plus home network problem

One thing to check if your running BT netprotect plus is that the network is set to trusted. Default seems to be public which will not allow file or printer sharing. Right click on McAfee tray icon and select open security center, click on configure bottom left, click on internet and network top left. Click on advanced in top right (firewall). Click on networks top left, click on network under ip address and click edit and then select trusted.

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Re: BT Netprotect plus home network problem

Many thanks for the reply.

The network is set to Trusted so the problem must lie elsewhere, unfortunately.

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Re: BT Netprotect plus home network problem

A postscript:
In the end I gave up on Netprotect plus and installed Kaspersky on the main PC, leaving Netprotect plus on the rest of the network. Kaspersky works perfectly. The other machines on the network can read and copy files from the machine running Kaspersky, which is what I needed. The reverse operation does not work, ie I cannot open and read files on the machines running Netprotect, but this does not cause me any problems. Incidentally, BT support were unable to sort out the problem!!