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BT Nightmare Moving Services

I just moved home and decided upgraded my BT package. I was first given a date of activation an order number and a new telephone number too. Then they tell me they have to cancel that order and place another one. So my activation date would be 2 days later and yes it is activated today but when I track the order it states that 'We are currently fixing a problem with your order and will contact you shortly' So I got to live chat and after half an hour of no help what so ever they pass me onto orders I give them the order number I was given they then replied 'This order has been cancelled' and hung up on me!!! putting me back in the queue after over half an hour! So not only did BT cancel my first order but failed to email me with details such as the new order number and the new telephone number too!!

After the last time I moved home and had to wait nearly 2 months for a broadband connection I swore never again and yet even though I am connected the incompetent ironically name 'Customer Service' is just as infuriatingly bad as ever!!

I will never be encouraging anyone to join BT quite the contrary.

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Re: BT Nightmare Moving Services

HI @Venger and thanks for posting.


I'm really sorry you've had so many problems with the oder. It's totally unacceptable the call was hung up on you. I'm sure I can help you with this if you wish. can you drop me over an email with your details? You'll get the contact the moderators on in my profile.







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