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BT OPENREACH 'engineers' caused TWO OUTAGES of Service since November !!!!

Smiley MadJust thought I would share this with others. In November, my Telephone line (only) stopped working but luckily I still had Broadband. The fault was reported and 4 days later BT arranged an Openreach Engineer to call at the house. No fault was found but on checking inside the Green Exchange Cabinet in the street less that 1/4 mile away in the Village, my Phone Cable had been found removed by a previous Engineer and not replaced. Two days ago, exactly the same problem occurred but this time both Phone and Internet went off. The fault was reported and an Engineer called at my property unannounced yesterday. After again checking and finding no faults inside the house, he made his way to the same Exchange Cabinet in the Village and surprise, surprise my Phone/Broadband Cable had again been found pulled out by a previous  Engineer working inside.

This is quite unacceptable and clearly as a result of some Engineer's incompetent and careless attitude resulted in an avoidable inconvenience.

I am extremely unhappy and a letter of Complaint has been sent to B.T.

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