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BT Online Billing pages - Feedback on useability and errors


I've got feedback on the changed BT website pages for Current Usage. I don't really know where to post it, so feel free to move!

In short, the changed pages are horrible. They're poorly laid out, have reduced usability and functionality, and are and inaccurate!


I use my home phone for both work and social calls, and I have until now been able to log into the BT site, view my recent calls, and copy them into a spreadsheet to allow me to separate out work related costs. I used the online address book to assign names to all my regular customers / suppliers to make this task easier.


Now, the address book appears to have disappeared, and calls listed no longer show the town / area they have been made to. This makes it impossible to identify them without looking up every number in my address book. The changed layout also means that the table of calls can no longer be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet while retaining its tabular layout, so needs lengthy reformatting. This is a huge waste of my time.


The figure for my Broadband usage today says that I've used 6.5GB in February. I haven't. I used about 11GB in January, and only about 180MB so far this month. The figure displayed is wrong and misleading.


I need to know what the calls were monthly for client billing, and can't wait till the quarterly bill comes out to see them. The calls now listed for the current bill period (12/11/16 to 11/2/17) only include those from 1/1/17. 


The pages themselves have clearly been designed by someone who thinks style is more important than function. Minimal content per page, big fonts and loads of white space may look nice (and be 'in vogue') but they actually reduce intelligibility. Requiring your users to click through multiple pages to find what they want is a classic usability mistake. Just put all the info we need, together, in one place.


Please re-implement the address book facility.

At the very least include the location field in the new table of calls and display it as a table so that it can be exported.

Better still, give us a dedicated 'export' button for the full data set!

Then get someone who actually has to use the site (a customer!!!!) to test it out before forcing these changes on us.


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Re: BT Online Billing pages - Feedback on useability and errors

P.S. Another clear error on the calls breakdown table - There's a column titled "Date and time" that only shows the date, there's no time of call displayed.

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Re: BT Online Billing pages - Feedback on useability and errors

And I thought that previously, not so long ago we could access earlier bills but not so now, or at least I can't see that feature.

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Re: BT Online Billing pages - Feedback on useability and errors

Hi guys,


This is more suited in the " & Community" section of the forum so I've moved it over.





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Re: BT Online Billing pages - Feedback on useability and errors

I had made a few comments on this thread


Also as Piers66 has noted the time of the calls is not displayed. Also we are all UK residents but the date is displayed in the US format.


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