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BT OpenReach Track a fault

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I am not with BT this is regarding BT OpenReach Fault at Exchange but I am not sure if this is the correct place to post.

Yesterday I lost internet and phone connection and after talking to my provider it was discovered a fault at my bt Exchange.

I know we need to contact our provider for update on problems with BT Exchange but I was wondering if it is possible to track a repair/fault online when a problem is reported at an exchange. Otherwise we only get a text occasionally/rarely.

Can it be made possible if we track the fault/repair online that is carried out by BT Open Reach?

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Re: BT OpenReach Track a fault

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This is a BT Retail customer forum and has nothing to do with Openreach. Its not BT  Openreach, its just called Openreach, who are a separate company.

Only your provider has access to Openreach.

You need to contact them for an update.


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Re: BT OpenReach Track a fault

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Quite a while ago , OR asked the regulator Ofcom, if they could interact directly with end users in situations like yours , but Ofcom , after asking the likes of Sky and TT their opinion, said No, those companies only want you to contact them,  and only your provider to contact you, so, as you already knew, all inquiries need to be made to whatever provider you use.

Your fault could be a problem at the ‘exchange’, perhaps it’s not , but if it’s TT or Sky ( or company’s that use their equipment) then whatever your problem is , it cannot be ‘BT’, TT and Sky use their own equipment in the exchange, and Openreach to connect it to your home, so its nothing to do with BT’ in any meaningful way.

If your provider refers to Openreach as BT Openreach, then you could tell them to stop doing it as it’s unintentionally misleading at best, and designed to deflect blame at worst 

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