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BT Openreach Trainee

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would add a quick post about the application for trainee engineer.

I completed the app form, including CV and qualifications certificates. Got email straight away inviting me to the situational strengths test, this was straight forward, given scenarios and have to rank 5 answers in order of what you would do.

Again, they emailed pretty much straight away saying I had passed and that the next stage was an online recorded interview and sent a link to it on separate email. This was a bit of a strange process, I had 4 Q’s, they come up on the screen and there is a small screen in the corner where you can see yourself. You get 2 mins to read and think about the Q (it’s not recording at this point), the recorder then starts and you have 1-3 mins to answer the Q, once you have finished the Q you can stop the recording and go to next Q.

Q’s are straight forward:
Tell me about something you enjoy doing.
What makes you think you would be a good trainee engineer?
What does good customer service mean to you?
Why do you want to work for Openreach?

Completed the interview yesterday and now waiting for a response. Anyone know how long it may be?

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Re: BT Openreach Trainee

Have a read through the various other posts here on Openreach job's however this is a forum for customer's of BT consumer (aka retail)
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