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BT Openreach - my oh my...

I've currently got an issue with my IP profile being 24 Meg. This has been ongoing since the installation 3 weeks ago.

We are 3 miles from the exchange, and the cabinet is on the same street, 20 doors down. When the engineer came to install Infinity, he tested the line and said he was getting the full 40 Meg at the socket. However, the IP profile was at 27. During one of the 4 (?) engineer visits, the profile dropped another 2 Meg to 24.

Each and every time the engineer turns up, they test things, say 'you should be getting the full whack', phone Openreach for IP profile reset only to be what appears to me as given the runaround by Openreach claiming the best I will get out of the line is 27 Meg. This is of course while they are still estimating on the BT website 35.1 Meg.

If it wasn't for the effort put in by one of the mods here who I feel knows Openreach are trying to fob us off and my frustration in 'buying a Porsche with the speed limited to 100mph', I'm sure I would have been fobbed off a long time ago.

So my question is, what is the motivation in wanting to cap speeds even though the engineers on the ground and everyone else who knows anything about infinity know the lines are capable? Why on earth do the mods on here have to jump through hoops to get this task done?

How much does it cost to send an engineer out each time only to be told there is nothing can be done (even though apparently, when it gets to a high enough manager, it will be done!).

My rental over the 18month period: £420
Engineer visit x 6 including installation and the next visit at c. £80 per visit (?): £480

Come on Openreach, have a word with yourself. This is really frustrating. Up the profile to where it should be and if there are any problems THEN cap it!

Thanks Chris for all your efforts, its really appreciated.

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