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BT Overcharging?

Hi new user, so don't know whether this can resolved through this community as  I'm trying to avoid calling during these times.

I have basic (copper wire) broadband &  a weekend calling plan. Been with BT for a few years and prior to my contract ending in early September 2019, I received a reminder email. All good.

The email reminder stated "Your Line Rental Saver (LRS) discount is about to end. So to keep saving for another 12 months, you need to renew it.
It costs £219.84 for 12 months' standard line rental, which means you get one month free by paying up front."

It also stated "What happens if you don't Renew.

When your discount ends, we'll move you from Line Rental Saver (LRS) to standard line rental, which means you'll pay £19.99 a month by Direct Debit.
If you cancel your Direct Debit, we'll move you to Line Rental Plus for £21.99 a month."

There was no mention, either in the email or the T&C's, of any 'special offer discounts' that I was getting as part of this contract.

That was also true of the email I received the following day after I accepted the contract by renewing online.

Having had time recently to review my finances recently, I've noticed that since the renewal I have been charged £2 a month (£21.99 less the £19.99 (LRS) -strange as I have a current Direct Debit with BT) but now I am being charged £10 a month (£29.99 less the £19.99 (LRS)) because a previously unmentioned £8 a month 'special offer discount' has expired.

1. Have I missed something somewhere about this 'special offer discount', if so, where can I find it?

2. Can this be resolved by using this community or will I have to bite the bullet and phone?

3. Why can't I actually see what my current contract is (i.e length, price, conditions etc.) on the My BT dashboard?

Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks

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Re: BT Overcharging?

Sorry, posted this in the wrong area. doh! Is there anyway to move it to Accounts and Billing?



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Re: BT Overcharging?

I've moved that for you @Daffyd.