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BT Parental Controls broken

Good evening, I really hope someone can help me with this issue please. I can see numerous posts by others so it appears that this is a well known fault dating back years which BT has yet to fix.

The BT Parental Controls were accidentally activated through the My BT account. Nothing happened though so I assumed it was all ok. However, around 48 hours later I received an email from BT advising that they were now active. I went back into My BT but they showed as off and just with a message that they were activating and would be done in 24 hours, yet that has been there for days now without changing and I cannot deactive them.

I tried your call centre but, and please understand that I am trying to be polite here, they were frustratingly horrendous. I explained to them, multiple times, the above but they refused to listen. They told me that they had technical expertise in networking. But then went on to try and convince me that the fault is my end as the Parental Controls exist on my network and cannot be adjusted at BT's end at all, even though they talked me through having to login to My BT to change them. They tried to get me to install a piece of remote control software to let them access my network so they could screenshot the error message and refused to progress my case unless I did this. I refused, there is no way I am letting a stranger through my firewall, regardless of who they work for. And when I asked which OSes this software worked on, I was told "all of them", only to have them admit that they mean only Windows and Mac. As I use Linux and BSD, that obviously wasn't going anywhere. I had to hang up in the end before I lost my temper. I'm sorry, but your telephone call centre is an abomination of customer service and really needs something done to overhaul it. I work in a call centre too so I know what the job entails, and I can't understand what must go on there.

Please can someone reset my Parental Controls so that they are off? I have lost all access to third party DNS and my VPN tunnel is being blocked too. It is causing me a lot of grief. Thank you, I really appreciate any help, and from the previous threads here it seems that you guys are the ones who know what is actually going on and are able to fix this.
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Re: BT Parental Controls broken

I have the same problem and the parental control department told me the fault is with my settings.  I know it is active as it is blocking Facebook etc and I cannot change my settings 

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Re: BT Parental Controls broken

@Anonymous and @Ric I'm really sorry about the issues you're experiencing when trying to turn off parental controls.


Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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