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Re: BT Plus cutting out and slow

out of curiosity I tried number and like @licquorice  get a choice of 4 options

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Re: BT Plus cutting out and slow

Well isn't that just the weirdest thing. It just won't work for me. Even now, as I write this I am testing it and... it's ringing.... still ringing...cut off. After about 40 seconds of ringing.


Either way, I got through to FTTP faults team via the sales desk and now have a direct number for them. As a side note, i asked for the 0800 number from them and its different to the one given here. I don't want to say it because they are apparently a 'premium desk' and like to keep the lines empty.

They found 13 drops in my local cabinet over the last few days so have organised a Fibre engineer. They were surprised that the normal team didn't see those drops and said they really should have seen them without much effort.

But, the bottom line is it was your nod towards an FTTP desk that got me looking and eventually getting supported so thanks for that 🙂
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