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BT Postcode Availability - Not Found



I have purchased a house which is due to built by March, so naturally I'm looking early on to place an order for BT Infinity 4 (FTTP) which is to be made available. It's worth noting that this is already up & running in the neighbouring; already built homes.


When I use the BT postcode availability checker it says:


Sorry, something went wrong

We weren't able to check availibility. Please give it another go, or try again later.


I can only imagine that this is due to the postcode not being registered with BT yet. I have checked Royal Mail and both the postcode & address is registered and correct.


Is this something which you are able to assist me with?


Many Thanks,


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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

Welcome to this user forum.


Once the house has been completed, you should be able to place an order for FTTP. There is nothing you can do at the moment, as there would be no fibre connection provided by Openreach yet.


Once that is done, then the equipment will need to be installed in the house.


A typical installation looks like this FTTP installation


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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

Hi Keith,


Thank you for the prompt reply.


I fully understand that there is no connection provided by Openreach just yet, there's little advantage in providing an active service to a half-built property. 


My issue is simply that I would like to either place an order ASAP to begin in March or at least be able to view what services are/will be available, however the BT postcode availabilty checker is not yet aware that my postcode exists.


Surely I do not have to wait for FTTP to be setup before I can check what services will be available at the address?


As mentioned above, although the house is not yet built, Royal Mail are fully aware of the address which is how I would expect the BT availability checker to perform?


Many Thanks,


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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

There is nothing you can do at the moment. Unlike copper connections, FTTP is  dealt with a special  team within BT, and they will not be interested at this stage, until the house is built.


The installation process can take quite a while, so if you need Internet access as soon as you move in, I would recommend that you use mobile broadband, if there is coverage.


Some threads relating to this



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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

Openreach are installing and setting everything up before I move in, they are liasing with the property developers so that the FTTP installation will be complete and ready for the day that I move in.


Since everything will already be setup, how long do you think it will it take from the day of moving in to be able to provide an active connection to the home?


I'd understanding this process taking time if the installation of FTTP was to take place AFTER moving into the home, but surely not if this is all installed beforehand?

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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

You could ask the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787, nearer the time.

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Re: BT Postcode Availability - Not Found

Once Openreach install the FTTP equipment the ONT (fibre modem) will be registered as installed and ready (indicated by steady green light on ONT). You should be able to order then and not before.