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BT Powerline Adapters

Hiya Can you tell me if you can buy a single powerline adapter, I got two a few years back when I was with BT Vision, since upgrading to YouView one of them just seems to have stopped working. My Broadband is being stupid at the moment and keeps cutting off so I need to move my Hub back out to the main socket but I need the adapter for YouView, any advice would be great on where I can get another one, the last I heard they were rather expensive though. I actually thought we would get new ones with the new boxes but guess now. Thanks in advance 🙂

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Re: BT Powerline Adapters

Call BT and tell them that one of your powerline adapters has failed, that you first used them for BTVision service and have since used them on your YouView box, but don't mention how old they are. There is a good chance BT will send out 2 new ones free of charge;)


You may need to return the 2 older ones, so don't be tempted to bin them.

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