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BT Premium Phone - cannot turn off mobile ringing

I only registered here because there did not seem to be any way of giving BT any feedback. I could not find a route through the contact pages which was relevant to devices.

I just bought a BT Premium Phone Trio as a knee jerk reaction to a sudden spate of early morning nuisance calls. As far as dealing with nuisance calls is concerned, the phone does its job. I synced my iPhone with the BT phone so I hope that the problem is solved. Or at least almost.

I discovered to my near horror that when I got a call on my mobile, every phone in the house rang. Not only that but when I was talking to the person on my mobile, the hose phones continued ringing.

After the necessarily very short call, I went through the instructions and found that there is no way to disable this and no way to even turn the ringing volume down for this 'feature'. To add to the frustration, it also became apparent that there is no consumer method to update the firmware so apart from unpairing the mobile, the problem will not be going away.

How did this 'feature' get approved without anybody asking whether or not there should be a way to disable it? What if one person in the house is on call? The whole house has to wake up. Sometimes, it is nice to put mobiles on silent for many reasons and sometimes it is not necessary for everybody in the house to know that somebody is getting a call on their mobile.

As I said, I have figured out to simply unpair my mobile but then I have to resync every time I get a new contact.

The BT Premium Phone is a great idea but it feels like the call blocking facility is the only aspect which had any thought. 

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Re: BT Premium Phone - cannot turn off mobile ringing

Hi @okulo, welcome to the forum and thanks for your feedback.

The helpline for the Premium Phone is 0800 145 6789. If you are still experiencing issues with your set up give them a call and they'll be happy to help.



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Re: BT Premium Phone - cannot turn off mobile ringing

I appreciate the reply but I've scoured the manual and been through every option on the handset and there is no way around this. I don't fancy the frustration of having to spend time getting nowhere on the phone, I just wanted to give BT some feedback (get it off my chest) even if it never falls in front of a product designer.

Also, there are quite a few people talking about the same issue on Amazon.

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Re: BT Premium Phone - cannot turn off mobile ringing

Select the Menu button. Scroll through to Bluetooth, Select. I've unpaired mine but you will have a list of options including something like "Paired Devices" that I now haven't got. Select this, select a device and delete it. As I said I've already deleted my paired devices so what the exact procedure is I can't recall but it's not difficult. Before you do this, ensure you have copied the contact numbers transferred from devices into your Contacts on the phone. Basically, if you have lists of numbers from different mobiles they need to be in one list in your BT Premium. I've already done this also and can't remember the exact procedure but it's in the guide. Good luck!

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