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BT Premium Whole Home Wifi - My setup experience and experience so far

Hi all,

I wanted to come on here and give my experience so far on this device, in the hope that it might help others out and also, to see if others have experience anything similar or the same and might be able to help or advise.

Briefly, my background is 15 years in IT, although I'm no network engineer but I do have some knowledge. I'm a fan of tech and don't get phased by having issues and working towards resolving them.

I purchased these in replacement for a TP-Link Deco P9 system I had eventually got fed up with and luckily, after 6 months of owning them, Amazon have accepted them back for a full refund - the forums are littered with unhappy customers as the device doesn't quite function as it should - to cut my issue short on that one - the resolution for the issue I had was to bring the devices closer together, which, when they have a powerline backhaul and I need them to cover a larger distance, defeats the point!!

So, I bough a kit of 3+1 of these devices to ensure full coverage of the house and back garden. My internet is provided by Sky and I've got the Sky Q router and Sky Q TV throughout the house.

The setup of the first disc was so easy and quick, it was insane. The second disc was a similar experience. However, when I got to the third disc, it just wouldn't connect. I tried multiple things to fix it but nothing would work. Eventually I connected the device via ethernet directly to the Sky Q router and after about 15 minutes, it had installed a number of firmware updates and then went solid blue. The final fourth disc was the same, so i took the same path and got all discs up and running and roughly located where they were needed.

I then renamed my old networks SSID and renamed the BT Premium Whole Home Wifi SSID to the same name as the old setup. Most devices did connect automatically and were fine.

There were a number of smart devices however, that would not connect and that can only operate on 2.4ghz. I read on here that there is an option on other devices to turn off steering, but it seems there is no option to do so on these devices. I tried other tricks like turning off the Premium Whole Home Wifi, setting up the SSID on my Sky Router as the same name and only turning on the 2.4Ghz channel so allow them to connect to that before flipping it back around but sadly, that didn't work either. The issue affects all except one of the smart plugs I have, the Smart LED lights I have and three security cameras I have.

Additionally, I struggled getting Sky Q TV to play nicely and eventually, I gave up with attempting to make it work. So now, I'm left running a separated 2.4GHz channel and 5Ghz channel on my Sky Q setup, which allows for the TV to work (via its own mesh) and the smart devices which cannot connect in addition to this.

It's now been a day since I set it all up and, touch wood, it has been very stable - I've been on MS Teams meetings most of the day and not had a single issue.

However, I'm not sure that I'm happy with paying £350 for a system where i've had to compromise and create additional networks, in order to get around these issues. This was considerable more than what I purchased the TP Link Deco P9 System for (£169.99) - and I had no issues in getting the devices to connect to that setup.

To save anyone reading all that, my outstanding issues are;

  • Devices that only operate on the 2.4Ghz band will not connect and stay connected
  • Sky Q TV Box wired does not work - sends the connected disc to 'red'
  • Sky Q TV devices in general don't play nice / stay connected
  • No IPv6 addresses being issued to client devices

So a question for everyone on here - have you experienced similar issues with similar devices and if so, what did you do to overcome them or have you opted for similar temporary fixes such as mine?

And a question for someone from BT - are these issues logged and documented already and is a solution being worked on? If not, then I'll be looking to return these and seek out an alternative solution.

Cheers all


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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wifi - My setup experience and experience so far

Hey @hatton33 


The Sky Q issues are known issues and apparently BT & Sky are in discussions about what’s wrong.

There are hidden pages on the Whole Home that allow you to turn off band steering but unfortunately BT want you to go through their help desk to understand why you need to “tamper” with the equipment you own and then they’ll give you the link to the webpage.

To be honest the product was never ready for sale and although firmware updates are promised to fix things it would be my suggestion to return for refund if you are in the cooling off period and buy something more suitable.


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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wifi - My setup experience and experience so far

Thanks @intoxicating 

I read this forum before buying, so I knew I would encounter some issues and understand the consensus that they were released before ready - so I wasn't anticipating a completely easy transition, however the product does perform well (so far at least) for me, at least for the devices I can connect to it.

If I can get a resolution for those 2.4Ghz devices and the assurances over Sky Q, then I'd be happy to keep the devices. I believe BT offer a 30 day return policy, I'll assess over the next week or two, if I can get some reassurances of the above.

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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wifi - My setup experience and experience so far

Hi hatton33,

Sorry to hear you had problems setting up your BT Whole Home Wifi system in the manner you attempted.

Reading through your post it appears that there are multiple things happening, including connecting your Sky Q boxed via Ethernet.  As you are aware, we are currently looking into the Sky Q issue and are working with Sky to identify and implement a fix for the issue caused by their latest firmware update.  More details are given in this post:-

Additionally, it would appear that the initial issue you had with the 3rd disc has meant you had to connect it to the router via Ethernet, but multiple Ethernet connections to the router are not supported in our current firmware but we do hope to be able to support it in a later release.

With regards to your issue with 2.4GHz devices we are aware that some Smart IoT devices use lower-cost lower-end wifi chips which do not always switch to the new network first time, so for those devices that have not moved successfully to 2.4 GHz you could try to power cycle them.  If this does not help then you will need to forget network and add the device again.

IPv6 is not supported in this version of firmware but may be included in a future release.

I have also sent you a Private Message giving more details but in the meantime thank you for the information you have provided to us thus far.

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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wifi - My setup experience and experience so far

Thanks @MurrayB . I’ve replied to your private message.

For reference to others, I’ve still been unable to connect all my smart plug devices and my led strip lights. I’ve tried;

Giving the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands separate SSIDs, turning steering off, connecting to sky router on 2.4Ghz then flipping the SSIDs but still nothing.

So I’ll give it another couple of weeks and if there is no solution, then they’ll be going back.


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