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BT Price List

I needed to ring a 0844 number and just wanted to check how much they cost on Unlimited Anytime so in my innocence I tried to look up on the BT Price List.


I opened



Special number price list


The price of calls to specialised numbers from your BT landline


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on this page
I spent at least ten minuites just going around in circles without ever getting the answer.
So I tried

General Tariff Guide


Full price list of all BT residential services


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and got "broken file" first time though opened OK later
I ended up doing a Google search and got the answer that way but the Price List could perhaps be improved so you can actually get an answer to a question there.
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Re: BT Price List

I 100% agree - I have been searching the BT website for prices that relate to my telephone service (I don't use BT for broadband).  It seems that BT is now only concerned with ISP services.


This was prompted by an unadvised  68% increase in my DD - I admit I was £8 in arrears, but BT is abusing its position.

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