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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Yes same here!!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I'm holding my breath as mine is behaving now!!🙏

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Programs would not record at all today.  Appears to be solved at the moment by a power cycle.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Reading through this thread, I’m a little worried. I’ve ordered a BT box Pro a after upgrading my BT TV. 

It’s been out a while now so was hoping software would be a little better, if it is indeed software problems, although reading some have had to swap boxes. 

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Just wondered if there is any word from BT as to what is causing these 'ghost' failed recordings and when can we expect a fix.

It seems to be happening more and more at the moment, not really causing a problem, more annoying.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I'm on my third box from BT now and it's no better than the first two.

I have three faults happening regularly

I have the 'ghost' or failed recordings

I get some strange channel changes that involve the Youview logo appearing then black screen then a delay then it changes channel. 

I get some channel changes which just go to a black screen and the whole box freezes and needs a power off cycle to get it back. I got this twice over the weekend.

All three boxes have had the latter two problems. The latest box has the additional 'failed' recording 'feature'.

Who tested these boxes before release? (or is that us?)

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I am getting exactly the same symptoms as previous post (gomanugo) - have had lock ups when channel changing for a while now but only just starting to get 'ghost' failed recordings. But now I'm getting them by the bucket loads. 

Before someone from BT comes back to us and says 'can you please do a factory reset on your box' my answer in advance is a clear 'NO'. I am not going down the same path as those poor Post Office employees who carried the can for a glaringly obvious bug in the system.

This is CLEARLY a software problem that requires a patch to fix. Come on BT - give us an answer now please!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Agree completely with you all, I’m getting ghost/failed recordings on sports channels now and the random lockup of channels and YOUVIEW screen and no picture, I also recorded a 6 hour sports event and although I could watch it on fast forward on normal time it ends after 30 seconds saying program has come to an end!!!!!  Really too many bugs and should be offering money back!!!!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

The moderator raised a case on my BT account and passed over my details to 'a specialist faults team' so the problem has been flagged - whether anything will happen...

Still getting the bonus 'failed to record' for most programs 🙄

I had a new 'occurrence' which I don't think anyone else has commented on.  I had finished watching a recording, deleted it, and then the live channel started pixellatting and parts of the picture freezing.  This was occurring on any channels I selected.  As it was during the storms, I thouught there might be a problem with the signal, but the tuner on the TV was producing a perfect picture. 

Back to the Youview box, switching to standby  and back on made no difference.  There was no problem with streaming channels.  Eventually BBC1 froze with a completely pixellated screen, but I was able to change to BBC2, which was blank, then changed to ITV and all started working normally again.

I wonder if this is related to the blank channel phenomena, which, in my case, eventually resolves itself after a few minutes.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I think it would be helpful if BT/Youview were able to confirm that they have been able to replicate the problem(s) experienced or not.


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