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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I experienced a slight variation of the problem 

Programme.  UK Pro League Tennis   BT SPORT 3 HD  (432) date Monday 11 April time 9:00pm is showing as FAILED TO RECORD.

Now this programme was originally been scheduled  as a part of pre-existing series record on my box . However as I was actually in  and able to watch I cancelled the scheduled recording  that evening before it was due to be recorded. That cancellation of the scheduled recording worked and no real successful recording was made which is what would be expected . However the “Ghost   Failed to Record Recording” still appears.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

@f1charlie62 and @zulu17 Many thanks for your detailed experiences over the last couple of days. I've passed on the details to the TV team who are investigating this.



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

@zulu17  I have also had this phenomenon during the period when the double 'failed to records' were happening.  This was with Moneybags on early morning C4 schedule.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

We’re also getting this ghosting problem all the time. It’s a PITA deleting them all the time! Would be great to get a solution!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

No 'failed to records' at all from yesterdays recordings.  Was still getting them up to Wednesday. 

DateChannelTimeProgramme'Ghost' Failed to Record
20-AprITV2000Coronation Streetx
20-AprITV2100The Thief, His Wife and The Canoex
20-AprC42100Grand Designsx
20-AprE42100Brooklyn 99 
20-AprE42130Brooklyn 99 
20-AprBBC22200Inside No 9 
21-AprITV2100The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe 
21-AprBBC12100Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars 
21-AprC52100Ben Fogle & The Lost City 



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Over the last few weeks or so I have been getting failed to record messages on random programmes. 

Sometimes there have been ghost recordings but there was a episode that I could watch recorded at the same time. 

On Monday as I was watching hing some of these I was getting an error that deleting episodes I watched had failed. They would then disappear after a few minutes.

Tonight I noticed that pretty much every programme I had set to record this week failed. 

I powered off my box and restarted it. And every recording on my box has been deleted. 

Programmes set to record tonight seem to have failed too.

I can still see the list of failed recordings on my app but not on the box


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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Yes i get the failed to delete the program message every time but then the program does disappear after a minute or so!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Add me to the list now for ghost recordings please….

The program is successful but has a duplicate “failed to record”. Deleting the ghost still allows me to watch the ok recording. 

All up to date box, 1month old, brand new box, Type B. 

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

  • I’m also now encountering ghost recordings.


Comedy Central HD (359)  ‘The Daily Show’ on Series Record at 03:10.


1 recording is OK, the other is ‘Failed to Record’.



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your continued patience and I wanted to provide you all with an update. Youview have been investigating the issue of ‘ghost’ recordings with the help from the comments on this thread and they have been able to replicate the issue.  Youview are working on a fix and we will update the thread when this is ready. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.