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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Hi @MarcG, thanks for your post. If you could post a screenshot of your recordings page that would help?

I've also sent you a Private Message so you can send your details over to the Mod team and we can raise your case to the BT TV team.



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings


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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Hi All,

I had another weird 'recording' yesterday. Eastenders (sorry) started to record but only did one minute, then after six or seven minutes into the program it  started recording on a separate recording.

After my initial happiness at getting BT full fibre and TV my joy is starting to wain as son has also moaned about the speed on his PS 4 !!


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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Hi @JohnC2 ,

Sorry, I have had to create a new account as I tried to change the email address associated with my old account and did not receive a verification email, so I could no longer post!

All recordings scheduled on Tuesday ended up with an accompanying 'failed to record', except 'The Teacher' on C5.  As requested, screenshots:


I also had another 'funny' which has happened once before.  The box was on ITV when I switched it on and already recording Coronation Street, so I went to my recordings to play the program from the start.  The box said that it was unable to play Coronation Street as there was no audio or video associated with the recording.  I exited My Recordings, but there was now no live broadcast showing.  Switching channels made no difference.  Switching the box into standby and back on made no difference.  I could initially get the guide up, but the box started responding more slowly until I got a message saying there was no signal and to check my aerial.  I managed to get back to normal by going to BT Sport and then when I went back the terrestrial feed had returned, although it would not play the still ongoing recording of Coronation Street.  I watched a different recording without problem and then went back to the now ended Coronation Street recording which also then played as normal.

If I remember correctly, the first time this happened, the only way I got out of it was to select a streaming channel.  I'm sure switching the box off at the mains would also have worked, but I would have lost my currently recording program.

Has anyone else had anything similar?


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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

@f1charlie62 Many thanks for all the screenshots, I have brought this thread to senior members of our BT TV technical team. I'll also send you a private message in a moment so you can send over your details to the moderation team.



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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I have had this problem of failed recording for every recording made since the last software upgrade.

I'm on my third Pro box. All suffered from the box stalling when changing channels from time to time.

All occasionally show a YouView logo when changing channels.

One failed completely after just a few weeks and wouldn't pick up any channels at all.

Only just come across the forum. Obviously it is widespread, but when talking to the customer service fault teams they have never acknowledged any of these widespread issues even when I asked them the question directly.

Either they are told not to or there's a disconnect between customer issues and fault support teams.

Engineers don't seem to know either, just bring new box, fix and go.

This must be costing BT a fortune.

Please coordinate these responses, feed back to the manufacturer of the box and get them fixed.

Latest software upgrade has just added the additional fault of failed recordings!

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

I can't see any pattern in the 'failed to records' . 

Out of 10 recordings on Wednesday I had 3 additional 'failed to record', and on Thursday 2 additional in 7 recordings.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Only observations based upon the thread comments. 

I doubt whether the problem is occurring at the time of recording but rather in the scheduling of recordings which could occur at any point from when the recording or series recording was  first requested. 

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

After two weeks this has started to happen again today, Olympics on BBC, Tipping point and the chase on HTV.

Might be a coincidence but no recordings would play until the box had been rebooted.

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Re: BT Pro box 'ghost' failed recordings

Just when I thought my box had started behaving - no  spurious 'failed to records' at all since my last report, then yesterday all recordings had an accompanying 'failed to record'. 

Now today, Doctors and Countdown have not recorded at all. 😖

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