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BT Reward Card Activation Code/Expired

Hi Community

Can you help?

I have 2 x BT Reward Cards which I recieved for having Broadband and mobile phone.  So when I recieved them, I only had the activation codes and no pin. 

So I waited for the pin before activating - nothing.  So I sent an email asking for the pin etc and I was left waiting.  So I tried to activate the cards without the pin and it did not work.  So sent an email letting them know that I could not activate - silence. I sent a few emails and on the occasions I called it was only giving me options to find out balance etc.

Then I put them in a drawer as life got in the way - family illnesses, cancer, bereavements, stress of looking for a new house, looking after toddler etc. So now there is a little light at the end of the tunnel and I am movig to a new home - so decided to try the cards again to activate.  Still no pin etc.

I tried to activate again - still not going through and asking me to call customer services, called and still getting recorded message- no operative to speak too.

While looking for information on what to do - I have just found out that they expire and my cards expired 4 weeks ago. I am devasted - after everything else that has happened it feels like another blow.  I was not aware they expired as I looked on the cards and it gives you a date of 12 months ahead of when you recieved them.  Both cards are for 2019. 

I thought this would be a lovely little bit of joy to use for the new house and my little girl.  Devastated and life just doesn't seem fair.

Anyone have any help on how I can still use the cards?  A contact to be able to speak to someone who might be able to help.



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