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BT Reward Card?!

I've looked at a few posts on here, and it appears my problem might be one that a lot of people are having. I purchased a BT fibre broadband package with the promise of an £80 BT Reward Card. I'm now connected, but there's been absolutely no mention of the reward card from BT since I purchased, and when I go to claim it using my BT ID linked to my account, it just tells me I have no rewards to claim.

A few replies on this forum are saying you have to wait 14 days after being connected, but BT's website clearly says: "You can claim your reward online using your BT ID. If you ordered broadband, please wait till your service is activated before you claim. If you ordered a mobile product, please wait 30 days after activating your SIM or receiving your phone before you claim. After 3 months your claim will expire and you will no longer be able to claim." So, no mention of having to wait 14 days there, and I couldn't find any in the small print either.

Does anyone know why BT are promising the Reward Card, but not then making it available when the broadband service is activated?

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Re: BT Reward Card?!

you have to wait until any cancellation period has expired

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Re: BT Reward Card?!

Thanks for the reply and the link!

I will be interested to see if BT contact me about claiming the gift card after my cancellation period is over (which I assume is 14 days after activation).

I'm still struggling to find anything in BT's advertsing about the offer, or in the small print in the terms and conditions about the card or the offer, that states this. That all seems to say that you only have to wait until your broadband service is activated before claiming the gift card. It says if you're a mobile customer you have to wait 30 days after activating the SIM, but for broadband it just says wait until your service is activated. That's a strange thing to say if you actually have to wait 14 days after it is activated.


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Re: BT Reward Card?!

It's now been 14 days since I was connected, and still no reward card available, so I've made a complaint. I'll post the outcome here.

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Re: BT Reward Card?!

I've just had a call from BT trying to tell me that the only reward card that was active for my purchase on the day I ordered was a £50 reward card and that was all they could offer me. This is unacceptable to two counts. Firstly, the website definitely had an £80 reward card attached to the package I bought on the day I ordered. that day said there was an £80 gift card on all fibre broadband packages. I checked this on that day, I wrote down all the information on the day I made the purchase. It did not say anything about a £130 gift card (I think that's what he said) for one broadband package and £50 for another - the one I bought - as was claimed by the representative who phoned me. Secondly, if I was eligible for a £50 reward card why am I still not able to claim any reward card at all when I log into claim a reward?

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Re: BT Reward Card?!

Hi @davejgreen sorry you have been given the incorrect amount on your Reward Card. We'll be happy to help you with this and get the correct amount credited. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team.



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Re: BT Reward Card?!

I received a second call back the next day. This one was a bit more helpful. She was still not able to explain why I hadn't been able to claim even the £50 reward card, or why I had seen advertising on for an £80 reward card on 27th June with offer details that said that offer ran until early July. (I've since had a look through this forum and it looks like I'm not the only one who saw this offer around that time, but BT don't seem to have a record of it.) She agreed to honour the advertising I'd seen and we agreed to apply the £80 as a credit on my account rather than send the reward card as that was easier for both of us. I received my bill two days later, with no credit on it, but I realise it might not have been applied in time to show on that bill. I looked at the online complaint that had now been closed, and it had no information other than to say the resolution was that BT's policy had been explained to me. As that was not the resolution, and I still haven't received the credit, I have reopened the complaint and am waiting to see if the next bill will have the promised credit.