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Re: BT SPORT App on AppleTV 4K (Gen 1) Quality Issues

Im also getting alot of OOS when watching highlights. When returning from a break, the show audio is way ahead of the pictures, by nearly 5 seconds and im having to exit the channel, wait a few moments and re-select, because if i try and go straight back into the channel, im left with the 3 bouncing dots on a very long loop that eventually gives up the ghost and tells me to check my wifi.....that worked 10 seconds ago!

Had to go back to Chromecast again too, as AppleTV was unwatchable with constant fluctuations in quality and its still only BT Sport causing issues. Watched alot of Sky Sports through Now TV (with boost, giving 5.1 and 1080p50) with not a blip of a problem or question.

Ive tried changing the available channels used by my router; I've tried a wired connection; I've tried moving the router; I've turned off Xmas lights...and put them back on....and off again; and my problems disappear when i stop using my AppleTV 4K box, and return when i go back to it, now with sync issues on-top, which sometimes stops with a device reboot, but not always.... *sigh!* 

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Re: BT SPORT App on AppleTV 4K (Gen 1) Quality Issues

You are not alone. This is the BT app and nothing to do with broadband. 

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Re: BT SPORT App on AppleTV 4K (Gen 1) Quality Issues

Given up and gone to a Fire Stick. Had a bit of Xmas money so plunged for the Fire Stick 4K Max and its pretty decent and unlike my Apple TV 4K, supports HLG, so im getting iPlayer UHD now too, along with Prime Sport 4K, but i do miss my Apple TV box, its just so easy and functional to use, but the endless issues of late with the BT Sport app have made it a pain and unreliable. (Only ive now got a glitching issues on Now TV on the Sky Sports channels where they seem to judder every second, despite being set to 2160p50....If its not one, its another!!!)

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