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BT - Settings - Call Type Settings - Unrecognised numbers

I have Unrecognised Numbers set to STOP.  But this unrecognised number still got through.  0269 580 8515.  Please help.  How do we stop these numbers.  At the moment I am sitting with 40 blacklisted numbers.  And we are still getting several a day.  All different scams.

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Re: BT - Settings - Call Type Settings - Unrecognised numbers

@frustrated I feel you pain it seems everyone is getting these calls at the moment. The number was recognised as caller display (CLI) was able to display it, if it's unrecognised no number would display and it's these types of calls that will be blocked. The number you've posted is almost certainly not real as it is not a valid UK dialling code and was likely spoofed by the scammers who called.  We've some useful info on this community forum page on how to best protect yourself from these scammers.

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Re: BT - Settings - Call Type Settings - Unrecognised numbers

Thanks for your reply. It is incredibly distressing for my mother who gets these calls all day every day. Could I just ask you a little bit more on this particular number.......when I called the number back, there is a message from BT confirming the number is "unrecognised".
I understand now there are 2 definitions of unrecognised.
1. When there is no caller display (these calls can be stopped in BT manage call protect) and
2. When there is caller display (these numbers are not stopped using this option)
Since BT is able to tell me the number is unrecognised and does not / or cannot connect, is there anything I should have turned on in call protect that I do not have turned on at the moment that can block these numbers. BT "knows" these numbers our unrecognised but yet they still get through. I know I am probably over simplifying but I hope you can understand why I am asking. Many Thanks
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