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BT Shareholder Deals

The package I currently have includes Infinity 2 with Home Phone and Unlimited Anytime Plan with a shareholder discount. My current contract and line rental expire on 27 January 2017 and I am debating whether to renew it or try Plusnet where a similar package will cost around £7 per month less.  


Accordingly I called 0800 800 150 and spoke to a rep who after some debate offered me a downgraded Infinity 1 package for 50p per month more!  It was only then that he realised that I was on a shareholder package and I was told that not only could he not assist me further but also that he did not have any telephone number which I could call to get help.


I have two questions:


The speed I regularly achieve is around 45mbps download and 10mbps upload. It therefore seems to be more in the area of Infinity 1 and I am wondering if there would be any benefit in my downgrading the service - i.e. would I achieve similar speeds on Infinity 1 as I do currently and would any saving be worthwhile?


My understanding is that, if I were to re-contract, I would qualify to receive a new SmartHub at no cost.  If that is the case how would I progress the order if I decided to renew?


Can anyone give me some guidance here or advise me of a telephone number or email address for contact.

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Re: BT Shareholder Deals

Your speed does not warrant you being on Infinity 2. You should downgrade. Your speed will stay the same. Infinity 1 is now speeds up to 52Mbps if your line can support it. Obviously yours can't or you would be getting that on Infinity 2. No idea how much you would save.


The Smarthub is not offered when you re-contract, you would need to make it part of the negotiations of you re-contracting. However before you do have a look through the forum about the problems people are having with it.


If there is nothing wrong with your present hub you may be better staying with it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


You are best to call the Options Team on 0800.800.030 to get the best deal, if any.

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