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Re: BT Shocking service, over billing, faulty line and now cut of my services HELP


Monday May 1st 2017 @ 14.27
BT called my mobile while I was out with my son for the day to discuss my issues-

This is how the conversation went …

BT -
I understand that you had a dispute with regards some of the charges raised against your BT Account. I can see from the details of your account that your BT Mobile package was canceled. This resulted in a cancelation charge of £474.00 be raised in error. I can see that this charge was disputed and High Level Compliant raised on your account.
On the the 7th of April that charge was removed and a credit of £474.00 was applied to your BT account. I can see that a confirmation email was sent to you on the 7th to advise that the credit had been applied to your BT account. This means that the outstanding of £299.74 has been correct from the 7th of April.

Me -
I have looked on my online bill and that still shows £773.74

BT -
your online bill will be amended on next bill.

Me -
so basically your telling me you cut off my services for a month because I refused to pay nearly £800 I KNOW I DIDNT owe AND you would not until now explain to me why and how my bill was that much !
so now you admit this was a billing error your still wanting me to pay nearly £300.

BT -
yes but you have not paid a bill since December and the last DD in January returned.

Me -
yes and if your records show I have discussed this with you before, when my line fault was so bad even when I was talking to BT customer services Rep he said “sorry the line is so bad buzzing I Can't hear you very well sorry you will have to call back another day” … ! !
And the bill I paid 5 December 2016 was £202 which was already unusually high considering I only came to BT the first week of October.
January 5 billing DD returned was again your fault as you hadn't put me on the any time call package that i had requested at start of contract so you charged me for every call and when you tried to Debit my bank a month later for another £213 that I was not expecting ! Obviously there was insufficient funds. So after many phone calls and correspondence from Ombudsman on my behalf you were unable to locate the telephone recordings you keep when new a customer sales on phone. SO Now I'm recording this conversation …..

BT - so are you going to pay £299.74 so we can restore your WiFi service and out going calls

Your kidding me ?!!!! I am no longer prepared to discuss this with you let's leave a judge decide who owes who here .

BT -
Hahahaha haaaa

*! I'll say no more for now please everyone who reads this let me know your opinion and advice*!

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Re: BT Shocking service, over billing, faulty line and now cut of my services HELP

Get in touch with the ICO and ask BT for full transcript they will need to send you all the info they have on your account but if like me they choose to with hold some info then you can report them to the ICO hope this helps
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