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BT Smart HUB and TP-Link AC1750


I recently bought the TP Link AC 1750 wi-fi extender and it appears to be causing issues with my Smart Hub. I had a period a few weeks ago (approx 5 days) with no service at all which the bt engineer who visited determined must have been some sort of interference as the line was ok. He left without resolving the issue but 2 hours later it mysteriously started working again and has been fine until now.

I then bought the TP link extender to try and improve the signal around the house and everything seemed fine for the first 12 hours or so. I set up the extender using WPS. However now I have no internet at all with a mostly orange HUB light turing occasionally green. 

Has anyone had any similar issues with the TP link extenders? The Smart feature on the HUB is turned off.


Many thanks 


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