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BT Smart Home Cam 2019 won’t re-connect after power off, won’t reset.

After the demise of BT over priced subscription Home Cam 100 I bit the bullet and bought 2x BT Smart Home Cam models. What a waste of money.

One was set up Ok and working fine then powered off to move it,  now it won’t show up in the app, despite the cam light being a steady blue.  The cam won’t reset either (by holding the link button and powering off/on waiting 20+ seconds for a beep, no beep), just returns to steady blue light and nothing in app.

Cam reset, router reset, app deleted re-installed, nothing.

I reiterate, it was working fine until powered off and moved, different place same room, doesn’t work still if I move it back.

Apart from this I’m also very disappointed with the poor quality of the flimsy camera and bracket, the video resolution is low, grainy and it’s really old-school tech, not good enough for decent security over about 10’ away from cam.

It amazes me that a company as long standing as BT has such a lousy R&D team where almost all products have been and still are several years behind on components and ability, there are FAR better cameras, apps and products out there for the same or less money.  They should give up and just resell good stuff made by proper tech companies.

Personally this is my last BT purchase, I’ll be replacing these with quality items from other sellers, so that I have what I wanted, that being decent reliable security cameras at a fair price, these aren’t.


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Re: BT Smart Home Cam 2019 won’t re-connect after power off, won’t reset.

Hi @Uksteve and welcome,

Thanks for posting about your Home Cam 2019. I'm sorry you're not happy with it, reading the description of your problems I'm not surprised. If they're within the 12 month warranty you'll need to contact the product guys directly. You'll get them at -

By phone: 0808 100 0255

Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 5.30pm

Saturday - 9.00am to 2.00pm

By email:



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Re: BT Smart Home Cam 2019 won’t re-connect after power off, won’t reset.

Waste of time, went through power off/on, reset ( still doesn’t reset ) then reset all hubs/WiFi, uninstall/install apps, then wanted me to dig into router configs etc despite me telling them;

Cam 1 - set up and worked fine, after unplugging and moving won’t connect now to app and sits with blue light on despite not connectable.

Cam 2 - set up fine but what’ll happen if it powers off?

Rubbish quality and unreliable, sensor on cam 2 goes off in empty room too often even on lowest sensory option, goes off every few minutes on PIR setting in dark empty room and no no heater in there.  No peace of mind they’ll stay working or do what they were bought for, constant home security, haven’t got that at all.

Not at all fit for purpose and no resolution from ‘the product guys’ who seem uninterested and unwilling to offer any replacement or refund.

I’ll should stop wasting my time and just  send these poor products back, failing that they’re going in the bin and I’ll steer clear of all BT products and services seemingly stuck in ever declining poor quality and old technology marketed as new.

Now I’m off to shop proper products from a reputable company, like I should have done from the start.

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Re: BT Smart Home Cam 2019 won’t re-connect after power off, won’t reset.

we’ll end result is today I moved 2nd cam from one power socket to another, it was working fine but now that one too is dead and won’t connect or reset.


utter rubbish.

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Re: BT Smart Home Cam 2019 won’t re-connect after power off, won’t reset.

A day later 2nd can came back online but 1st can still say with solid blue light yet no feed or ability to reset in any way.


Unreliable cheaply made rubbish.

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