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BT Smart Hub 6 and Hidden SSID



I have just received my BT Smart Hab 6, and I want to configure it to have a hidden SSID. Some quick googles seem to imply it can't be done? So I thought I'd double check here.


Firstly - I know "hidden" SSIDs aren't really hidden, as scanners can still find them. But I live in a rural location with little or no chance of a dodgy hacker pulling up outside and start scanning for some random hidden SSID! 


My reason for wanting to hide the SSID is simple. I have a Range extender, and I want both the Hub and the extender to have the same SSID hidden and with no password. The no password idea is simply to makes things easier for guests, whilst the hidden SSID makes us invisible to the average hiker (thats "HIKER" not "HACKER"!) walking past who won't spot an open WiFi connection on their smart phone.


Sadly it's looking like hidden SSIDs aren't allowed on the hub 6, but it would be good to have that confirmed - and even better if one of you knows how it can be done!


Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback.  [This is my first post BTW]


[UPDATE]: Depression setting in! I have just discovered Hub Manager won't let you have no SSID password (PW must be at least 8 chars). Fair enough - I understand their objective, which is sound enough. But in my rural location, and in the context of the situation I describe above, I had hoped to have more flexibility. Can I ask the forum to cooment on "No Password" as well as "Hidden SSID" with the BT Smart Hub 6? Many thanks.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and Hidden SSID

Use a simple password and try something along the lines of PasswordOnRouter or PasswordOn some convenient location not visible to a hiker, for the SSID?
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