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BT Smart Hub DNS errors

I recently upgraded to the BT Smart Hub from the BT Home Hub 5 and I'm having broadband connectivity issues I was not having before (I'm on BT Infinity).


I have the following devices connected:


An Android phone (wireless 2.4ghz)

An iPhone (wireless 2.4ghz)

A macbook (wireless 2.4ghz)

A Win10 laptop (wireless 2.4ghz)

A Win10 desktop (connected through TP Link powerline adapters).


Every so often since switching to the home hub I've been losing internet connection. I get DNS errors on ALL my devices and when I run a diagnostic on the connection on either of the Win10 machines I get "DNS server is not responding" errors. Again, it's nothing to do with the IP settings on any of the individual devices because the problem affects all of them simultaneously. Rebooting the router usually fixes the issue but then it will recur a few days later.


I don't know if this is connected, but I'm seeing a bunch of devices I don't recognise in the list of wireless and wired devices connected to the router. Some of them are for my downstairs neighbours - who don't have the wifi password. Perhaps they have a powerline adapter that's causing an issue (we live in flats in a converted house so they're on the same electrical circuit)?


Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: BT Smart Hub DNS errors

Have you tried running your network with your W10 computer that is connected by powerline adaptors disconnected and the powerline adaptors unplugged.


Once you have done that do a factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This should flush all the connections that had been made to the Homehub.


If it all works OK you can then reconnect the powerline adaptors and see what happens. If the problem re-occurs you will know where the problem lies.


Once you have done the 'hub reset, remember to make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the Homehub.

See link how to do that.

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Re: BT Smart Hub DNS errors

I saw what appears to be the same issue and posted Smart Hub DNS Server Failure. I saw this twice but only after my Hub had been updated to firmware version SG4B100021F4.


I found the only option was to reboot the Hub. In the end I disabled the DHCP server on the Hub and ran my own DHCP server that specified the clients should use the Google public DNS servers. This was at least a workaround, but obviously not possible for everyone.


My Hub has since been updated again to the latest SG4B10002236 firmware so I've enabled the DHCP server on the Hub once again to see if I get the same behaviour.

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Re: BT Smart Hub DNS errors

@gg30340 thanks - that's a good suggestion. I'll give it a try. Any idea why the powerline adapters (and potential cross-talk from my neighbour's) might cause the DNS issue?

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Re: BT Smart Hub DNS errors

If you are on the same electrical circuit, which you really shouldn't be and if you are it is an issue in its own right, and if your neigbours are using powerline adaptors and you are using powerline adaptors, they are obviously being "fed" from two routers which will cause corruption to anything on that circuit.

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