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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Back on my Hub 5,

Hub6A rebooted itself again today and got stuck in a solid green solid orange reboot loop. It would not respond to a factory reset request.


Replacement Smart Hub being sent out. It would appear this firmware update killed mine, which is a shame as it has been faultless until now.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

The thing about "Smart" hubs selecting channels is that they look for channels that have the least rf interference. Not the channels that have the least wi-fi interence. All sorts of other stuff uses the 2.4GHz band.


When you run your wireless scan, all that tells you is what wi-fi access points are transmitting. It doesn't tell you what other devices are (or have been) transmitting.

If all the hubs nearby are avoiding a particular channel, then there miight just be a good reason for it.


So you might have to end up trying all channels to find which gives the "best" signal - and then changing it when the other buggers move around.


Rubbish isn't it?


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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

2 users on chnnnel 1 around (-68db), 1 on channel 6 (again -68db), me on channel 11 (around -52db).

Channel 6 user jumps to my channel 11. I change to now vacant channel 6 and the channel 11 (ex channel 6 user)

now jumps again to channel 6 his/her original channel ...can't be interference surely rf or otherwise??


No real excess of users nearby, 4 in total sharing 3 channels. No co-channel sharing with channels 1,6 and 11 so

again should be a doddle to keep all users on stable fixed channels without the need to hop especially as the hopping

at face value is illogical annd can't believe in small rural community with few users 2 channels out of 3 are suffering rf

interference issues.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Thanks for your explanation. Won't raise issue with India as they put you though useless pretend to 'fix it' hoops.
Once was told problem was "a faulty micro filter" OK I will change
it (but I DIDN'T) Has that fixed it I ask? Yes" comes the reply.
Further chat (nothing changed or fixed obviously) Can you suggest
anything else? Phone line goes dead. Often found when they come to the end of the 'script' or can't help they pull the plug
on the conversation....too often to be a genuine disconnect.
That's India call centres for you.
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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

A few weeks ago my PC would not get an IP address. I thought maybe there had been a W10/driver update and tried reinstalling drivers, a new NIC, etc to no avail. Then, a few days later, my daughters tablet was no longer able to connect to the wireless, shortly followed by my Chromecast and Now TV box. I was unable to get in to the Smarthub on the PC.


With a borrowed laptop I was able to login to the Smarthub and found that, despite the setting being on DHCP, the toggle on certiain devices (those that couldn't connect) were set on their individual pages to static addresses. The IP address box was greyed out and wouldn't allow me to type into it whether the toggle was on DHCP/Static. Changing the toggle to DHCP brought up an error box saying the IP address was invalid. Basically meaning I could not connect these devices to the network.


Obviously tried reset(s).


Additionally, I had opted out of BTWiFi-With-Fon, but this kept reappearing on the Smarthub. Support were no help at all, just pointing me to the page to opt-out, which I had done.


Thankfully I hadn't yet sent back the Home Hub 5. So on Monday I connected it back up, all devices (Now TV, Chromecast, tablet) started working again (and BTWiFi-With-Fon was gone too, as an added bonus).

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

 I had filed the smart hub in the garage and gone back to the HH5 with AirPort Extreme for wireless. 


Now that there seems little light at the end of the tunnel for the smart hub I found the old fibre bt openreach modem and will go straight out of that to the AirPort Extreme eliminating the HH5 too.



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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Had hub 6 in July worked until a few weelks ago, reported it and finally after wasting a lot of my time on the phone and email they finally sent a new hub. Today 03/11/16 I set it up but within 2 hours two new devices were connected (iphone 6+ and windows laptop) connection to hub indicated on device and hub manager but neither connected to internet. The hub was power cycled and all worked until other wireless and ethernet devices connected. The hub then went through a series of uncommanded restarts. When eventually all items were connected and working I was going to let the hub stabilise and enable smart setup for future new devices.


All was OK for about ten minutes when my son told me every link he clicked brought up the smart hub set up window. The hub then started doing uncommanded restarts again after a couple of hours and serveral resets it was clear the hub was not going to work and is clearly unfit for purpose. Over six hours wasted!!!!


Connection of my old hub5 has everything working toghether straight after boot up. please note my old hub three (+fibre modem) also worked fine when the first hub6 went wrong.


Not in fifteen years of having various routers have I ever had so much trouble with any router. The Hub6 should be recalled until its firmware or design issues can be resolved unless its a manufacture problem (very unlikely) in which case a new hubs6 should be sent to all affected.


BT's customer service is the worst I have ever encountered, no disrespect to those on the other end of the phone they are only doing their job its a sad fact the management of BT are disgrace showing a clear distain for customers and only interested in getting the next penny.



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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

On the subject of WiFi channels the Smart Hub only supports 4 channels on the 5Ghz band, and to support its AC connectivity it uses 80Mhz bandwidth which is all 4 channels.


This means that you will ALWAYS be on the same channels as your neighbour's Smart Hub on the 5Ghz band.


This is the main reason that mine is back in its box and my Asus router is back providing a better WiFi experience and very good user performance experience due to QoS. I was only using the Smart Hub to try to get BT to take my line speed issues seriously.


What a waste of money

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

I spent the morning migrating off the SmartHub 6 onto a TP-Link VR900 - SmartHub 6 is now in the bin. £50 wasted. I wouldnt have the nerve to sell it on ebay and subject anyone else to the hassle.



How can BT still advertise this pile of junk on almost every BT Broadband advert?

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Get in touch with watch dog.

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