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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

I have to register my thanks to PaddyB MOD for the work he has done in the

background and his committment (when he said he'd ring back he did).

Seems I have some line interference that is causing drop outs.

We went through an elimination process and a few tweaks at his end to try

to improve matters.


It's only hours from me getting my speed back (first efforts halved it),

and 'touch wood' not had any disconnects (EARLY DAYS) and download

speed is rock solid.

I had the offer to contact him if things go pear shaped again, so can't say

fairer than that.

Now if only India could do that!


So fingers crossed!! or famous last words!!



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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

As a follow up after proper diagnostics were carried out and to establish what the problem was are you able to say if it was a Smarthub problem or a line/connection problem?

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

I think we have to wait and see as too early to say it was definately line interference

only causing the issues. I assume some very minor tweeks have been done to enable the

Smart Hub to maintain connection better but it could be still a Smart Hub issue

that will rear it's head again.

But not party to details as intially I lost 50% of download speed and at the end

of the process this was restored back to the original value by a Noise Ratio adjustment.

In essence I am back to square one so could be just chance I have not

had any dropouts yet.


Will keep you posted either way as only monitored it for a few hours after

any changes a BT's end.


Initial problem was lost connections/cannot find (any) network/limited service

issues making my wireless experience very frustrating. Have spent countless

hours getting it back working over many months.


The diagnostics consisted of eliminating the obvious (simialar to an India experience)

followed up by the Hub team doing some line tests that came up with some abnormal

regular interference causing dropouts. They increased the NR from around 6 / 6 to 27 / 6

which reduced my download speed by 50%. It is now back to 7.5 / 6 at my request

and my previous download speed has been restored. You could argue what's changed then,

and this is why it really could be a Smart Hub issue currently lying dormant.


If issues return I will revert to a HH5 and await a firmware update that fixes the

Smart Hub before I  try again with a Smart Hub.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

So to sum up, basically they have done nothing with the Smarthub and it was a problem with your line or at the very least all they have done is a DLM reset.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

About right as far as I can tell but wasn't expecting more and definately no

Smart Hub fixes were done unless they know different.

Most of the 'Event' log is a mystery to me.


After 7 hours no dropouts, but Smart Hub's can go a few days before

throwing an ongoing wobbly.


General impression I get is BT assume that most of the

issues raised on here are attritutable to other non Smart Hub issues

affecting a few hundred out of 100's of thousands of Smart Hub users,

and no one from BT has come clean if there really is a Smart Hub problem.


Would be nice to get some feedback but BT customer sevice provides little real help

(e.g India) and if you want to escalate issues they make it almost impossible

to move forward unless a friendly MOD takes your case on which is a bit

hit and miss.

Never got India to escalate issues ("we can't"), they just want you off the phone

as quick as possible. Let's hope the coming soon UK Call Centre raises the bar.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Which leads back to what I have said about this thread being a dumping ground because the poster has a Smarthub instead of posting on a new thread where the poster can be asked to carry out some basic diagnostics to see where the specific problem lies. 



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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

I'm not going there as I know your views and mine differ.

Not sure it is practical to do diagnostics by forum thread

and we have come across a fair number of posters

who have tried/suggested things to do to see if you get a

better result and none have worked.

Most diagnostics realistically would need an input from BT

and you are not going to get that.


Can you suggest some 'basic' diagnostics I could

try that between me and a helpful Mod we haven't

covered bearing in mind most users are not

fully up to speed with all the technicalities

and have limited resources?


Where possible in trying new things I change

one thing at a time in the hope of isolating the suspect.


Have covered Windows (running as it should), Windows event logs,

Driver updates, alternative drivers and driver conflicts, turning off

Windows ability to put Network Adapter to sleep,

Network diagnostics, BT Engineer visit, latest Master Socket fitted,

Windows mini dump, Firewall/Virus protection, Smart Hub various settings,

split Bands, Turn off Smart Setup, Smart Channel and opt out of Wifi Fon,

Reboot/Factory reset after firmware updates,

Turning off devices and equipment,

Moving Router, put back HH5, Channel interference and selection,

alternative Wifi Adapter, Ethernet connection, alternative PC, anything India suggested,

to name but a few!!!

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

There are basic diagnostics that can and are carried out on virtually every thread when somebody complains about drop outs, slow speeds etc and those diagnostics can help establish if drop outs etc are a line fault or a router fault. In most cases in this thread that is not even being established. 


Anyway, enough said. Hopefully your problem is resolved.

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Fully agree gg
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Re: BT Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) Bug Reporting + Improvements

Well after contacting support again a few days ago, and being told my HH6 must be faulty as i had no drop outs on the line, i received my replacement HH6 and set it up this morning.


 No surprises, it has rebooted 3 times so far today.


Working from home, i really can't take much more of this. As with the previous hub, i've tried all the trouble shooting but it just proves pointless.

 Has anyone managed to get an HH5 sent to them, as it seems that may be my only option now, apart from shelling out for a new router?

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