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BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices



I'm hoping someone can help me before I ask for a refund on the Smart Hub, which I've been extremely unimpressed with. 


Small mercies, the device appears to work as it should when connected to a PC. I can access the internet and everything!


However, I mostly use my two Android devices, a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Samsung Nexus 10, when at home. Both of which have major problems performing even basic tasks. These include

  • syncing RSS feeds for apps like HotUKDeals, Feedly, News360
  • syncing emails from Gmail - simply does not work reliably at all
  • using Teamviewer - will not sign in / connect at all
  • connecting to certain mobile games which use a cloud-based save, e.g. Pokemon Go, FF Exivus


Teamviewer in particular is a major annoyance for me as I use it to remotely operate a headless media server.


I can use all of the above functionality without issue when (i) connected to 4G mobile internet and (ii) connected to alternative mobile networks e.g. at work, free public Wifi(!) - it's particularly galling that a service I pay for is inferior to free ones. Additionally, I experienced no issues at all when using Sky broadband - I've only been a BT customer for three weeks and I wish I'd cancelled within the 14-day walk-away period, to be honest.


I have spoken to BT technical support about this, and arranged a callback for Thursday, but I'm not optimistic. The operator told me he would attempt to help "using his own personal knowledge because BT don't support Samsung devices". I don't think it was clearly understood that the issue isn't the devices seeing as they work perfectly on other networks. He also claimed that the Smart hubs are working correctly otherwise "people would be complaining about them on the forum" - a quick search here has shown hundreds of complaints about these devices!

Anyone else had this issue / have a solution? Many thanks in advance.

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Re: BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices

Additional detail


  • Smart Set-up is switched OFF
  • The 2.4GHz and 5GHz are split. The above issues are present on both bands.
  • No other settings have been changed from the defaults.
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Re: BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices

Im Having the same issue as you. I heard static IP address for the devices is a way forward, but it shouldn't be that way. I've reverted back to a hub 5 at the moment. I think there is a few firmware patches been released recently.
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Re: BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices

Hi Mike


Thanks for responding, good to know I'm not alone. Are you using the same device types?


I have the latest firmware, which didn't change anything noticeably - had the issues before and after installation.



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Re: BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices

having the exact same issues,  it's a nightmare.  I have a ittle girl who is autistic,  does BT have any understanding of what it's like telling someone with those problems there is no internet ...grrrrr


I have been with BT sinnce Hub 1 had hub 2 and 3 and 5....   and now the smart hub...    the Hub 3 was the best by a long chalk,  i don't think we was ever disconnected.   The Smart Hub is the worse by a long way....


BT sent me a phone survey today via texts...  lets just say they might be realising this new fandangled smart uhub is as much use as a chocolate ash tray on a motor bike and that's being kind to it.

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Re: BT Smart Hub / Home Hub 6 - various issues with Android devices

It's funny that there are at least two other people having this issue, as the snarky fellow I spoke to yesterday categorically informed me that "nobody else was having this problem on the forum" and that I should "just use a laptop to check my news and email instead". 


The Smart Hub is not fit for purpose, and neither is BT's response to the issue.

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Smart Hub not fit for purpose - neither is BT's "technical support"


My experience in trying to use the BT Smart Hub to perform basic tasks such as "reading the news" and "checking emails" is outlined here


Since posting this, I've spoken to two people at BT, both offshore. The first indicated he would do what he could to help me, but as he wasn't trained on my devices, he would be using his own knowledge. As I was at work, I arranged a callback. The person who made the callback proceeded to deny there was any problem with the Hub, and said that my issues were due to 3rd party applications which "BT does not support". 


Which is funny, as I don't recall it being mentioned to me in advance of me agreeing a twelve month deal, that BT does not enable you to use mobile devices on a home wi-fi network in the manner which they were intended. There is NO ISSUE with my "third party" applications or my devices, which work perfectly, without any issue, when connected to (i) public wi-fi (ii) my work wi-fi (iii) my parents' wi-fi (iv) the device previously supplied by my old ISP (v) Mobile internet (vi) ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT THE BT SMART HUB. 


I have been advised I would be sent a replacement. As a reasonable man, I was willing to try it. However, the reprobate I spoke to last night was (i) unwilling to assist me in "troubleshooting" (ii) unwilling to supply a replacement hub (iii) unwilling to escalate my complaint despite being unwilling to deal with it, and asked "don't you have a laptop or something else you can use instead".


I'm frankly disgusted at BT's response to this. I've been informed via the misleadingly-named @BTCare on Twitter that "all of their customer support are trained in the same way and can respond to each customer the same" - so if what I can expect from speaking to BT's staff is to be patronised, aggravated and repeatedly told the exact opposite of what I know to be true, then I consider this to be a breach of contract - BT are not supplying me with a working piece of equipment, are not providing support with the non-working piece of equipment, and are refusing to escalate a legitimate complaint, despite their response to it being utter nonsense and a total cop-out, and failing to get anywhere near solving the problem.


So with this said, I'd like to know, from any of the mods on this site, who I can speak to in order to obtain a deadlock letter? Your falsely-named @BTCare Twitter account have mysteriously gone quiet since I asked this over an hour ago. I am fully within my rights to ask for escalation of a complaint and when that is refused, then as far as I'm concerned, we've reached a deadlock, which I'll be taking to the Ombudsman in order to be (i) released from my BT contract without penalty and (ii) compensated for the wasted time I have put into attempting to solve this problem myself.

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Re: Smart Hub not fit for purpose - neither is BT's "technical support"

Do you still have the home hub you were using before you bought the smart hub?


If not, then BT should be able to supply you with a home hub 5 instead. This should provide you with a reliable connection.


A deadlock letter would not be appropriate, as BT should be able to provide you with equipment that works.


I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.




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Re: Smart Hub not fit for purpose - neither is BT's "technical support"

Hi Keith


Unfortunately I was using Sky as my ISP before a temporary bout of insanity convinced me that moving to BT was a good idea. The hub they supply is locked down to their network and cannot be unlocked without hardware modification.


Coincidentally I received a call around 30 minutes ago, where the operator agreed after testing that yes, my Smart Hub was broken, and that they would send me a new one. I can only hope the second one will work better, however if, as I believe to be the case, it's a firmware issue, then I suspect my experience will be the same.


BT should be able to provide equipment that works, you're right - rather than suggesting I "use a laptop" to perform the tasks that their equipment won't allow me to do on my phone / tablet. 


An agreeable outcome would be for me to be provided a full refund for the Smart Hub, and I will source my own router.

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Re: Smart Hub not fit for purpose - neither is BT's "technical support"

If you bought the Smarthub you should be able to get a refund for it after they have had one attempt at repairing it however if it came as part of your package, BT will not refund any money for it as it is deemed to be part of the package and not a separate item. All they will do is to keep replacing it until it is fixed. 

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