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BT Smart Hub (Hub 6) - Guide, Bugs, Suggestions

Thought I would make a guide for the Smart Hub to help people with issues they might have and provide information, you can also share some suggestions you want added a bugs you have come across, and hopefully BT might notice Smiley Wink


Pleae note this is NOT a place for people to ask BT for help, if you have your own issues make your own thread so BT can help you easier.




After a frimware update ALWAYS perfrom a factory reset of the Hub and manually change your settings back. This will help the new firmware to properly configure, although it is not always necessary it can help.


Turn OFF Smart Setup as this can cause issues with some devices mainly apple products.


Make sure you SEPARATE BANDS in your Wi-Fi settings as this can solve many wireless issues including, range, speed and disconnects.


Leave your Hub turned ON at all times. Turning off or rebooting your Hub all the time will make the DLM think your line is unstable and decrease your speed (Interleaving).


Bugs, suggestions & features:


I'll add any of your bugs, suggestions & features to the main page so it's easier for BT to see.


List of Bugs:

- Can't paste passwords into the "Old password" section when changing passwords

- Fix "Signal Attenuation" in technical log it's currently displaying nothing



List of Suggetions/Features:

- Add MU-MIMO support (Promised Feature has yet to be enabled)

Provide release notes for all frimware released

- Add Modem Mode / Router Mode, turning ethernet port 4 into WAN port as an option in firmware

- Clearly display if G.INP is enabled or disabled in technical log

- Show if you're connected to an ECI or Huawei cabinet in technical log



Firmware Info:


SG4B100021D0 (Initial F/W)
 No Info

 No Info

 Access Controls not working correctly
 VPN Not Working
 Bug Fixes

 No Info

 No Info

 DHCP and WiFi association issues
 Orange Wi-Fi Tab

SG4B1000B316 (Latest F/W)
 Hub performance upgrades
 GUI improvements - minor changes to layout
 Features enhancements for Multicast and uPNP


If you have found any bugs or features you would like added please just send them and I'll add them to the main page! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Hub 6) - Guide, Bugs, Suggestions

While it is commendable that you have taken the time to do this I suspect that it will end up in the same way that your last thread you started asking users to post bugs etc did,


which resulted in a thread that just grew and grew with numerous different problems, moans and groans and ultimately served no useful purpose and in fact just muddied the waters for users with genuine problems. 


With that in mind and before this thread goes the same way I would suggest that it is locked now so that forum users can see and read the information you have posted but can not add to it. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Hub 6) - Guide, Bugs, Suggestions

I think it should only be locked if it does end up like the last thread, this time I have specified not to do that which i didnt do on my last thread so hopefully it wont happen again. It did get attention from BT staff and some suggestions were forwarded so this is why I decided to make it again. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub (Hub 6) - Guide, Bugs, Suggestions

By the time it ends up like the last thread it is too late! 


The Smarthub has now been out long enough for the bugs to have been documented and fed back to BT. The BT Help pages give information regarding turning of "Smart Set Up" and splitting the wireless bands as well as leaving the hubs on 24/7.


The forum moderators are now posting what hub firmware updates contain and the BT Help pages post what is the latest firmware.


There is a already a suggestions section on the forum for those who want to make suggestions regarding features etc.


The fact you have posted not to post problems will not have any effect. Past experience on the forum shows that people will still post problems. Your last thread was a classic example of that and especially when the thread goes over one page. Most folk do not read all the thread so would probably not even read that they should not post.


Unless it is constantly added to the thread will drop off the first page and not easily found by forum users. It may be worthy of being made a sticky but that is not my decision.


In conclusion, most of the things you have posted are already available to forum users and while it is not my decision I would certainly support it being locked.



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Re: BT Smart Hub (Hub 6) - Guide, Bugs, Suggestions

Hi GeekofBroadband,


Thanks for taking the time to put this thread together, I appreciate your contributions and understand your intentions are good 🙂 However having said that I don’t think this is the format to report bugs or suggest new features.  Let me explain why,


What GG has posted is accurate, inevitably this sort of thread will attract customers posting about problems.  I appreciate you have made it clear the intention of this thread, however when this thread grows, most users wont visit the first page so will miss your advice about creating their own threads.  Moreover, often with issues of this type customers are naturally frustrated so cant help but explain the issues they are having.  This then becomes very difficult to manage, not only us, but regular members who offer help and advice.


Rest assured we work closely with the hub team to identify any bugs or issues as the feedback from community is invaluable and we know this.  I appreciate that it may appear we are not listening but the rollout of new firmware and features is incredibly complex so updates don’t come as fast as you may wish.  We also have the support of the hub team in working with any individual issues that appears on the forum from time to time.


If you are keen on putting forward ideas for features you would like to see added please use our idea bank,

Thanks again for your good intention but at this point I will lock the thread.