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BT Smart Hub - Still has VPN problems...

I run a small server from the office in my house (as I'm sure many other do) this media centre for the house as well as backup for the other devices at home.


This server has a Incoming VPN connections enabled to allow me to remote into my home network when I'm away from home and need to administer the server (normally after a phonecall from the other half to tell me Plex isn't loading).


I found that I struggled to get the Port Forwarding to work on the HH5, despite following every guide known to man, it simply wouldn't connect. I ditched the HH5 and started using a ASUS RT-AC66U which has worked really well, however the WiFi coverage isn't the best.


With the new BT Smart Hub getting rave reviews I thought I'd take a punt on it as it was only £50.


Sadly, it seems that even this newer device still has problems with incoming VPN connections.

Port Forwarding 1723 to the server does nothing.


Anyone had any joy with running their own VPN server via either the HH5 or Smart Hub?

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