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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

Many of the same problems as already mentioned.
Did a chat session and was advised to set the hub to "mode 3". All devices connected ok but when I checked what mode actually was I discovered that it is a legacy setting with none of the new features not even 5 ghz. Mode 2 seems to work with everything and does have 5 ghz albeit with limited speed, so thats what I' m on now.
Bit disgusted that they keep selling this kit with no warning about possible compatability problems.
Should have stuck with the HH5 which I have now configured as an access point. I get better performance though that than connecting directly to the "Smart" Hub.
Not happy BT - sort it out, not fit for purpose.
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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

Disconnect from BTFon!!


I was having problems with changing password, connection always dropping & slow. I messed about with it for 2-3 hours & frustratingly no joy with anything. Once I stopped my access to BT Wifi everything changed immediately! Speed much improved, I was able to change hub password & my internet web browser working much faster!!


I will also be testing my speed. I was signed up to Infinity 2 for 3 years which apparently has become no longer available in my area & had to downgrade to Infinity 1 with a minimum guaranteed speed of 46mbps. It has been no more than 20mbps for the past week that I have had a new contract!!


Hope this info helps!

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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-fi connection is generally good and stable across both bands, so I shouldn't complain at all, but I have noticed the wireless download speed is only around half my actual wired Infinity speed (wi-fi ~40Mbps, wired ~78Mbps). Upload is fairly constant for both at ~18Mbps. So once a certain speed is reached it either falls off or caps. I don't see any other interferemce - that doesn't mean there isn't any - but this is the case even if I stand right next to the router, so it's nothing to do with the physics of the building.


This is tested using both and BT's wholesale speed checker - they give virtually the same results for both wired and wireless.


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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

I am on my second hub. Same issues, works for a few days then starts dropping out. Also wireless printer in next room starts to fail to connect. When phoned up for support they were all set to send me a third smart hub - I said No, I have a few years experience working in telephony industry and it is not a 'faulty hub' - when I insisted that it was a much larger fault they eventually went to talk to 'supervisor' only to come back and say that many users have reported this and there is a firmware fix which will download in the next few days - I will wait with baited breath - why can't they be honest in the first place, or even talk to each other - oh, sorry, they are only a large communications company!!

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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

the firmware fix was meant to be the one issued as a notice from 04/10 but I left my HH6 on for 3 days and it never updated. Also everyone who reports this and gets sent a new HH6 reason why it works for a few days is because its on the older firmware which didnt have these problems then it auto updates to the dodgy firmware it then has the wifi problems.


I`m still on my HH5 which is rock solid. My HH6 is still on the second to newest firmware. Might be wise when people put posts to always state the firmware you are on. Might try my HH6 again over the weekend but its a PITA you cant force the update.


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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

I have several wifi access points around my house and also many smart light bulbs. Since i got the hh6a the lifx bulbs would periodically become unresponsive and would only work if i connected on the same ssid they were on, which was the hh6a 2.4ghz band.
A few minutes ago the same thing happened, but this time connecting my phone to the same ssid had no effect so i decided to scan the network to see what was available - just my phone and the hh6a apparently.
So i switched off the wifi on the hh6a and renamed one of my other access points to the same ssid and voila everything works again just as it did before. Clearly the routing on the hh6a is completely messed up. It's a shame because the signal is very strong around my house, and the download speed is very fast, but it just isn't reliable.
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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

Running split-wifi here, but with the 5Ghz band switched off, so only 2.4Ghz active.


Every few hours, the wifi drops all attached devices and they can't reconnect.


The wireless is still running, and devices then repeatedly connect and authenticate but they do not get an ip address and then drop off again.


Just switching wireless off and on again (via a wired device) is sufficient to correct things without rebooting the router.


Obviously completely unusable like this, so I have disconnected it and have a HH5 running in its place now.

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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

I agree with the above criticisms of this hub. For the record, and everyone else's info, I have a laptop (lenovo), a range extender (TP-link) and a printer (Epson) none of which will connect to the hub under normal operation. They WILL connect once straight after I power cycle the hub, clearly demonstrating that the hub is at fault. Additionally, all these devices connected seamlessly with previous SKY hubs. Only my ACER laptop can still connect consistently.


**** Flame-on

  Seriously BT..... this is not fit for purpose.


  Also, I'd like the guarenteed speed that you offered when I bought this service - but that's a different issue :).


  BT... what was I thinking?...... Brexit, Trump and BT all in the same year!

**** Flame-off






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Re: BT Smart Hub - Wi-Fi Issues

I am a technology amateur - do BT provide an engineer service where they come out to fix issues?  Windows phone saying no internet but connected to wifi, microsoft surface intermittent issues but have to reset hub when it drops out.  I phone also not connecting. HELP!

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HAPPY to announce recent Firmware (FW) update to version SG4B10002236 was pushed onto my BT "Smart" Hub (BT Hub 6A, aka HH6) has made BIG IMPROVEMENT to my Wifi stability/reliability.   The status page (snapshot below) says "Firmware updated: 30-Oct-2016" which seems about right for likely date of pushed install, and some reported this version earlier in Oct, so probably not the release date.  Recommend trying this latest firmware update before hardware replacement due to Wifi issues.  





Prior, with FW version SG4B100021F4, I had Wifi stability and Wifi "refuse to connect" issues (mainly on 2.4 GHz) for several months across all my wifi devices as described by many earlier in this thread, but recently everything wifi is working well.  FYI, my hub config is split band with manual channel assignments, WPS off, Band Steering off, WPA2, Mode 1 (believe this is 802.11ac and prior), DCHP server custom range:, UPnP ON (default), Firewall at "default", IPv6 address allocation set as stateless (default). 


SIDE NOTE: I also notice my hub seems to have lost its routable IPv6 address allocation. Currently showing "IPv6 network status: Disabled", and yet still shows "Hub IPv6 status: Enabled".   I haven't tried reboot since I noticed FW updated, but  I'm 100% sure with prior FW that IPv6 was functional on my hub and my devices had routable IPv6 addresses.  

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