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BT Smart Hub Wifi intermittent and cycling

My BT Smart Hub has been working fine for a couple of years, but since mid last year the Wifi keeps dropping out. Sometimes it comes and goes every few seconds. Restarting the router fixes the problem for maybe a day or two, but we have several people working from home with ethernet connections which are fine, so I cannot always do that. 

On the web interface to the router, theres a section to switch on/off just the wifi, but that does not seem to improve the wifi.

I would think a new router may fix the problem, but theres nothing on the BT website to request a new smart hub or report smart hub faults. The phone lines seem to be shut because of COVID.

Please help!!!

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Re: BT Smart Hub Wifi intermittent and cycling

Have you tried a factory reset of hub by pressing the recessed button on back and holding for 20/30 secs until lights flash. Remember at restart to turn of smart setup

you could also split the 2.4/5ghz networks to see if that helps

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