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BT Smart Hub and IPhone SE Dual Band issue



I recently upgraded to the BT Smart Hub.  The wifi speed and range has been flawless for all devices in the household (almost all are only capable of connecting to the 2.4 GHz band).  These include iPhones, iPads, androids and laptops.  However I am having issues with my IPhone SE. It is capable of connecting to both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. When connected to the 5 GHz band the speed is fast as is expected but the range is very poor (again as is expected). As far as I am aware, the iPhone should switch to the 2.4 GHz band when the 5 band is out of reach - but instead wifi is completely lost.


I have tried separating the bands and assigning different SSID's. Again the 5 band is great but poor range.  This time the iPhone will connect to the 2.4 band but it is painfully slow - virtually useless.  


Phoned BT and they said I need to ask Apple but I imagine that when I ask Apple they will send me back to BT as soon as I mention what router I have.  Any help much appreciated.  I know that the iPhone SE has similar technology to the iPhone 6 so anyone experiencing a similar issue with the iPhone 6 may also be able to help.



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Re: BT Smart Hub and IPhone SE Dual Band issue

I would switch the SE off then start it again
You could try forgetting the 2.4 ssid and then reconnect "from new"
Another option is to reset all network settings on the phone and connect again.
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Re: BT Smart Hub and IPhone SE Dual Band issue

I have the hh6 & iPhone 6 & have not experienced any of your problems so far.
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Re: BT Smart Hub and IPhone SE Dual Band issue

I have the SE and it connects to both bands without any problems but I am not now using a BT Hub of any sort. I'm  not sure that it will switch automatically between the two bands if you have separated them. Though the iPhone is, in my opinion, a good phone they are known to be prone to wifi issues, the Apple forums are full of them. When using previous iPhone models with the HH5 I had no problems.

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