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BT Smart Hub install

Have recently moved into a new build proper which has OpenReach modem installed. So have connected Smart Hub in cupboard and all works fine, then when I move Smart Hub into the lounge and connect via wall sockets the Smart Hub flashes purple then solid orange, back to flashing purple and then solid orange and so on. It is not connecting to the internet but have checked and when Smart Hub on solid orange all correct lights are on the modem.

I have an engineer booked for a weeks time but seeing as this has taken over 2 weeks already due to BT admin error I thought I would have a go myself. Any help would be much appreciated as becoming frustrated at how long this taking when should surely be fairly simple.
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Re: BT Smart Hub install

There is obviously no connection via the wall sockets. As this wiring is your responsibility, you will be charged  £130 for the Openreach visit.

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Re: BT Smart Hub install

Do you know if you have FTTP (Fibre to the Property) or FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)?

If you have FTTP (Fibre to the Property) your Smarthub can not be connected to the telephone sockets in the property. It must be connected to the fibre modem.


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Re: BT Smart Hub install

Can’t see how it is the wiring as the phone works perfectly and is on the same splitter as the broadband cable
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Re: BT Smart Hub install

I believe I have Fibre to the Property! Does this mean that the Hub needs to be in the cupboard with the modem and then everything working wireless from there?
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Re: BT Smart Hub install

Yes or else you need to run an Ethernet cable to where ever you want the Smarthub to be sited. 

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Re: BT Smart Hub install

Ok makes sense. Next issue is that Smart Hub will be situated in cupboard in hallway and need to connect BT TV in lounge! Should I just wait for the engineer to come and sort in a weeks time as starting to get very complicated?
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Re: BT Smart Hub install

You will need a couple of BT Mini connectors, which are available from BT at a discount if you have BT Youview.

Mini connectors link the home hub to the YouView box using the mains wiring.

See this post


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Re: BT Smart Hub install

If everything works when the Smarthub is connected up in the cupboard ie the way correct way, there is nothing that the engineer will do because there is no fault.

It is up to you to sort out your internal wiring and how/where you want the Smarthub sited.

If you don't want to run Ethernet cable you could consider using powerline adaptors. You plug the master one in to an electrical socket near to the Smarthub and connect the Smarthub to the powerline adaptor by Ethernet cable. You then plug the slave powerline adaptor in to an electrical socket near to your TV and connect your TV to it by Ethernet cable.

This shows how it would be done using a PC but it would be exactly the same with your TV.


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Re: BT Smart Hub install


One thing to point out, if you have a UHD youview box and you probably have given you have FTTP, is that power line adapters won't work for a UHD stream. You will need a hard wired ethernet cable from your smart hub to your Youview box.



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