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BT Smart Hub not functioning as Access Point

Hi, I have a Sky Q Hub as my main router in my house and have decided to replace the old BT HH 3 which was functioning as an access point with a SmartHub, I am doing this as my HH3 has become unreliable and too slow for my use, anyways to the smarthub, I have set the thing up correctly, disabled the firewall, DHCP etc. and set the IP to be within the pool of the main router, however the main router is not detecting the SmartHub although there is an activity light on the ethernet cable, as well as this, if i go into the settings for the smarthub it detects my computer connected to ethernet 1, however it shows nothing connected to ethernet 4 which is where i have the main router hooked up to, because of this i have zero internet conectivity or connectivity to my wider network from the SmartHub, ethernet or wireless.

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Re: BT Smart Hub not functioning as Access Point

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