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BT Smart Video Baby Monitor. Smart Controls

I am using the BT Smart Video Baby Monitor with the Smart Controls App & finding some issues that I was hoping others had found & resolved!

Firstly, the Parent Unit. It's a waste of time. Why can you not change the area in which it's zoomed in on? Why fix the area on the screen that you can't change. Don't get me started on the menu design & controls, who on Earth thought that was a suitable product to sell? So the Parent Unit doesn't get used...

The Smart Controls App... Maybe if it works after installing then uninstalling multiple times will it work.
But when using the camera over night, when you'd like to be alerted to the baby making noise or moving, why does the app decide not to push any notifications? It will quite happily push endless notifications during the day of sound detection when the baby isn't in his bed though.
There is no schedule that is effecting when the notifications are coming through. During the night if you can open the app, maybe one will pop through shortly after. But then nothing.

The app isn't being put to sleep or hibernation on the phone, so no idea what is going on.

It's got one more night to prove itself otherwise Im afraid I'll have to join the many others that have returned it & use a far better product.

Any advice of pointers would be massively appreciated.


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Re: BT Smart Video Baby Monitor. Smart Controls

Hi @drummermandan02  welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. 

You would be best to check out the User Guide for your model of Baby Monitor. Once you select the model scroll down and you will find the phone number and email address for the product help team and they'll be best placed to help you with this.



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