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BT Smart hub & Ethernet connectivity

I’ve just moved into a new build with Fiber built into the house. I have the new Smart Hub but they’ve put the master access point for this in the understair cupboard.

Obviously the TV and Youview box aren’t in there so is there any way to use a secondary router to allow for Ethernet connectivity for the Youview box as I didn’t realise they don’t connect to WiFi. 

Behind the TV is a standard phone socket and using my old spare router, ADSL splitter and standard grey cable I get the flashing purple “internet is not available” light. I’m assuming because it doesn’t need an ADSL splitter? 


If anyone knows of a work around I would really appreciate it!

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Re: BT Smart hub & Ethernet connectivity

Quite often the developer will provide Ethernet sockets in other rooms and a patch panel near where the ONT is positioned, if you’re developer hasn’t done this , you could use ‘power line adapters’ or possible the least attractive solution a long Ethernet cable run between the hub and set top box
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Re: BT Smart hub & Ethernet connectivity

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